Indiana Jones Disney Plus Series Reportedly In The Works


Lucasfilm may just be developing a new Indiana Jones series for Disney Plus. Giant Freakin Robot reports the project to be an animated series starring the famous archaeologist of Lucasfilm.

While details are still under wraps, the developing series could either pick up where the new movie will leave off…or not. It could feature an entirely different premise.

There is the possibility of showcasing a new character or a version of Indy. Perhaps an animated series featuring a young Indiana Jones or one with advanced years telling stories about his discoveries.

The franchise can literally explore new stories as the medium will not limit the characters’ abilities. Because it is going to be animated, talent appearance will not be a concern as well.

We do wonder if this is the same series in development that we reported last November.

Animated Indiana Jones Series Said To Be For Disney Plus


Credit: Lucasfilm

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There is even a possibility of getting Harrison Ford back for it because it is in the animated format. Audiences remember that Ford has declared that the upcoming movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is his last as the character.

At the time, people assumed the character would be replaced because of Ford’s statement. To which, director James Mangold abated, saying no one would take over the character nor would the character be erased. His tweet last December reads:

However, there is a huge weight on the line as the movie seems to be a way to pass Jones’ torch to a new character, Helena. Whom Phoebe Waller-Bridge portrays in the movie. Still, this angle is not fully confirmed.

If ever that is true and the developing animated series will pick up from there, then Indy will still be active alongside Helena for the series.

On the other hand, a series featuring Indiana Jones in various ages in his life won’t be too new as well. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles aired on ABC in the USA back in 1992 to 1993. It featured the character as a child whom Corey Carrier portrayed, then as a young adult whom Sean Patrick Flanery played.

In all the series’ run, audiences got to see Indy in his 90s, as portrayed by George Hall. With Harrison Ford appearing in one episode in the series, the old man Jones ties it all together.

Unfortunately, back then, the series didn’t reach the popularity that it hoped to achieve. Then in 1999, George Lucas removed the scenes with the 90-year-old Indy and re-released the Chronicles under the new name The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

The reissue merged the two seasons and four direct-to-television movies and transformed them into 22 television movies. Harrison Ford still appeared as Indy in the episode “Mystery of the Blues”. The said episode, however, is not included in the 2021 Paramount Plus release.

However, people get to talk about the Chronicles now wishing they’d see something like it again. Should Lucasfilm want to re-explore the franchise, that is something audiences are looking forward to seeing.

Indiana Jones Disney Plus Series Reportedly In The Works

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Because Harrison Ford seems to have firmly made up his mind when he said what he said at the D23, the animated series in development might have the character but with another voice talent. This is also not an unlikely path to take, especially for animated projects.

Marvel Studios has done so with their animated series What If…? on Disney Plus. In the series, Mick Wingert provided the voice of Iron Man. Likewise, Josh Keaton voiced Captain America and Lake Bell voiced Black Widow and other voice actors for some other Marvel characters in the series.

Taking What If…? as an example for a Disney Plus animated series is also not bad. If the Indiana Jones series uses a similar art style, it would truly be interesting to watch as well.

The new series in development could also take the “artefact adventure of the week” style. But hopefully still have an overarching theme.

We are highly interested in finding out more about the series in development. Hopefully, Lucasfilm may have some information available soon.

Do you think it is a good idea to have an animated Indiana Jones series on Disney Plus? What possible premise could they have for the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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