Henry Cavill Looking To Produce Man Of Steel 2


Man Of Steel 2 is happening. Henry Cavill is back as Superman! That’s all terrific news, and we have some more good news to share with you. We’ve been informed that Cavill is also looking to be a producer on the upcoming standalone Superman movie. I believe this is the right move because it means that he will have much more control over what happens with the character in the DC Universe.

If you’ve watched Black Adam and stayed to watch the movie’s post-credits scene, then you would have been delighted (I hope) to see Cavill return as Superman in that extra end-credits scene. It was revealed by Dwayne Johnson that they had been trying to make this happen for quite some time. However, they only managed to shoot the scene in September, and Cavill recently revealed that they shot it at Warner Bros. Pictures’ studios in the United Kingdom. It seems like it was all rather last-minute, and one of the reasons why we’ve had to wait so long for Cavill to return to the role was really down to the studios’ old leadership.

It’s actually been revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures’ former chairman, Toby Emmerich, was one of the key people who didn’t want Cavill to return to the role. I’ve also heard reports that Walter Hamada, the former President of DC Films, was also not keen on the idea of Cavill coming back. It’s also been reported that the Batgirl cancellation might have been key in helping to bring Cavill back, as it freed up some money at the studio for them to pay the actor to play Superman in Black Adam and in future movies.

Henry Cavill is looking at being a producer on Man Of Steel 2


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Anyway, the good news is that Cavill is back, and we’ve just been informed that the British actor isn’t content with just being the star of the upcoming Superman films. He also wants to be a producer on them. Our source told us that Cavill is “very keen on being a producer on Superman moving forward”. They went on to add that he wants to have “more control over the character”, and it was a bit of a sticking point for his return to the role and DC in general.

DC Studios is apparently much more open now in letting its stars also be producers on their movies. Dwayne Johson has seemingly paved the way in that regard. He was a key producer on Black Adam, and it means that the stars are much more invested in how the films turn out and perform financially. I actually think this is a really good thing because it means that the quality of these films will end up going up because actors who know these roles inside and out will be even more invested in making sure that the films they are in are as good as they possibly can be.

However, it will have to be a balancing act between the likes of Johnson and Cavill and whoever they get to write and direct these films. Cavill did reveal during a recent interview with Josh Horowitz on the podcast Happy Sad Confused that becoming a producer is something that he’s very interested in doing. It seems as though he’s going to start with Superman.

DC Studios are taking pitches for the movie

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This all comes after it was revealed by Variety that DC Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures are now accepting pitches for the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel. It would seem as though Cavill is going to be a key decision-maker regarding which pitch they end up going with. It’s also been revealed that Mission: Impossible filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie is at the very top of Warners’ list of writers/directors for the movie. Cavill and McQuarrie have worked together in the past on Fallout, and I’ve been told that the British actor is very keen on having McQuarrie write and direct the next Superman movie.

We’re going to have to wait and see what ends up happening on that front. McQuarrie is a very busy man and is currently helming the Mission: Impossible franchise. However, I’m sure he’d be very interested in bringing Cavill’s more ‘joyful’ Superman to the big screen once he’s done making the Mission: Impossible movies with Tom Cruise.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing what they end up doing with Man Of Steel 2? Do you like the fact that Henry Cavill is set to be a producer on the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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