Henry Cavill’s Superman To Appear In The Flash


It’s been revealed to us that Henry Cavill’s Superman is going to make an appearance in the upcoming Flash movie, which is very good news! This is actually something that has been hinted at by a bunch of media outlets out there. However, this is more of a confirmation that Cavill’s Superman will be turning up in the Ezra Miller Flash movie. We’ve also got a few more details about Cavill’s Superman appearance in the movie to share with you.

Now, before we get into the weeds of what our source told us about Cavill’s Superman cameo in The Flash movie, I have to credit some of the other media outlets that have reported on Cavill filming scenes for DC Studios movie. So, back in September, Giant Freakin Robot revealed that Cavill had filmed additional scenes as Superman for Andy Muschietti’s DC movie. This was then backed up by Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity, as well as Syl Abdul.

Henry Cavill’s Superman to cameo in The Flash movie


Credit: DC Studios

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So, it’s been reported that reshoots on The Flash movie have been made. It seems as though these reshoots have been rather more extensive than we first thought. Ezra Miller has been shooting additional scenes for the movie. We’ve now been informed that Henry Cavill has also shot at least one scene as Superman for the movie. According to our source, Cavill filmed at least one scene for the upcoming Flash movie around the same time that he filmed his Black Adam cameo.

Our source then added that Cavill’s involvement in the film would be, as they put it, “relatively small”. They did refer to it as a “cameo”. However, they did add that Cavill’s Superman will be in the film’s final act in some capacity. The source also added that Cavill would be in the movie’s post-credits scene. Full disclosure, Syl Abdul revealed much of this information in his scoop on Cavill’s Supes being in the movie.

Superman will be in The Flash’s post-credits scene

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However, what we’ve been told, which adds a bit to their information, is that the post-credits scene will set up a standalone Superman movie. This is the Superman movie that DC Studios are accepting pitches for. We’ve also been told that this particular scene will reportedly introduce the DC Comics supervillain, Brainiac. This ties in neatly with what we were told previously about the villain becoming a big part of the DC Universe moving forward.

It’s actually been reported that Brainiac will be in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel. This movie isn’t officially in development yet. However, it has been reported that DC Studios and Warner Bros Discovery are accepting pitches for the film. We’ve heard that one of the top names on Warners and DC Studios’ wishlist of writers/directors for the movie is Christopher McQuarrie. That’s something I would really love to see!

Moreover, we were recently told that Henry Cavill is looking to be a producer on the Man Of Steel sequel, which seems to indicate that he will have a pretty big say in which pitch they end up going for and who will direct the movie. It certainly seems as though it’s all steam ahead as far as the Man Of Steel’s future in the DC Universe is concerned.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Cavill’s Man Of Steel in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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