Steven Spielberg Might Direct Man Of Steel 2


It was revealed not too long ago that Steven Spielberg, David Zaslav, Peter Safran and Christopher Nolan all met for lunch, and we’re now hearing reports that Warner Bros Discovery and DC Studios might be looking at Spielberg to direct a Superman movie. There are now rumours flying around the Internet suggesting that Warners and DC want Steven Spielberg to direct a Man Of Steel 2, which would be incredible if it ends up happening.

The news that Spielberg, Nolan, Safran and Zaslav all met for a lunch in which they discussed potential future projects was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, and this sounds like exactly the right thing that Warner Bros’ new leadership should be doing. They need these big name directors back on their side. Christopher Nolan, for instance, exclusively made movies for Warner Bros. Pictures, and after the whole HBO Max movie release strategy fiasco during the pandemic, Nolan opted to no longer work exclusively for the studio.

Could Steven Spielberg direct Man Of Steel 2?


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That was a pretty huge movie in Hollywood and one that really hurt Warners. It looks like they might be trying to get the likes of Nolan and Spielberg – who also made most of his movies exclusively with Warners and was very vocal in his criticisms about the studio’s decision to release their latest movies on the streaming platform – back directing tentpole movies for them.

The fact that Peter Safran was also present during this lunch meeting is very interesting. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Safran is the new co-CEO of DC Studios and therefore, the fact that he was present has led a lot of people to speculate that they might have been talking about future DC Studios projects with the two directors. One of the things that immediately comes to mind when we all heard Spielberg’s name was Superman.

Will he make his Blackhawk movie for DC Studios?

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There was a point in time when Spielberg was attached to a Blackhawk project, which is a DC Comics property. They could have been talking about that again. However, I would argue that Warner Bros Discovery would be more interested in getting a big name like Spielberg’s attached to one of their bigger superhero properties, and you can’t get much bigger than Superman.

This all comes after it was revealed that Henry Cavill is going to be back in the DC Universe as Superman, and we’ve also heard reports that Warners and DC Studios are accepting pitches for a Man Of Steel sequel. So, if you put two and two together, it seems as though Zaslav and Safran might have been talking to Spielberg and Nolan about a future Superman film. I would love to see the two directors working on DC properties, and I really think Warner Bros needs big name directors like them to really propel their DC movies’ quality and box office takings.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Steven Spielberg direct Man Of Steel 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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