Aquaman 2 Director James Wan Unfollows Amber Heard On Instagram


It’s been revealed that Aquaman and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom (Aquaman 2) director, James Wan, has unfollowed Amber Heard on Instagram.

This news came our way via FandomWire.

It was pointed out by some eagle-eyed fans that the director of the upcoming Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, James Wan has unfollowed the actress on Instagram.

People on the platform have been pretty shocked by Wan’s decision to unfollow one of the supposed stars of his upcoming movie before its release.

This was all spotted by people on Twitter and it’s pretty much confirmed that Amber Heard is no longer on James Wan’s following list.

The other interesting new development is that Warner Bros. Pictures’ Instagram accounts have also unfollowed Amber Heard.

Warner Bros has yet to make any statement on whether they’ll be working with Heard in the future.

It’s already been revealed that Heard’s screentime in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom was significantly reduced.

Heard herself revealed this to be true during the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

James Wan has unfollowed Amber Heard on Instagram before Aquaman 2 release


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Some of you might be thinking that unfollowing someone on social media might not be a big deal.

However, in the world of Hollywood, it actually is a big deal because people will spot it and then articles like this one will be written.

This all comes after the Johnny Depp defamation trial began and people have not been too impressed with Heard’s performance on the stand.

It seems as though the tides are really turning for Amber Heard and it’s not looking good for her career.

It was even revealed that DC Films President, Walter Hamada tried to have Heard removed from Aquaman 2.

He claimed in a deposition for the trial that they were worried about Heard and Jason Momoa’s lack of chemistry on screen.

It’s since been revealed that her screen time in the movie has been reduced to just 10 minutes.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think James Wan unfollowing Amber Heard on Instagram is of any importance?

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  1. ryan

    I think this is great news as she really damaged Johnnie’s career and after watching the trial it’s seems clear to me amber is telling a lot of lies and she just does not behave like a woman that’s been seriously abused at all.. I’ve helped people of domestic violence it’s demoralising, embarrassing, soul destroying and reliving the experience even with friends years later can be deeply traumatic yet amber has absolutely zero sign’s when describing the events..

    I’m not a huge fan of Johnnie’s but he sounds believable his behaviour when testifying is that of someone that’s embarrassed by what’s happened to him, all his witnesses have been consistent in there stories. Most of his witnesses were not friends and family but professionals like police officers and bodyguards making Johnnie’s story so much more believable!
    Unfortunately this type of case is very difficult to win regardless but I don’t think Johnny has to win as he’s already been vindicated in the eyes of the public so hopefully he should start getting more movie offers again and have a comeback to rival Robert Downey Jr because he deserves it.

    A couple of thing that really stood out to me was amber said he used sexual violence beat her repeatedly for almost 2 years but then she agreed to get married, I’m sorry but that just sounds absolutely bonkers.. She had money and support so she could have just walked out of the relationship at anytime or told the police but she didn’t do any of these things, she also sort no medical attention of any kind and all her evidence has been almost 100% hearsay!

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