Warner Bros. Unfollowed Henry Cavill On Instagram


It’s been revealed that Henry Cavill wasn’t the one who un-followed Warner Bros. Pictures. It was the other way around.

It had been reported, mainly by Grace Randolph, that Henry Cavill un-followed Warner Bros. Pictures on Instagram.

However, a user on Twitter revealed the actual truth: it was Warner Bros. Pictures who un-followed the British actor.

Cavill has played Superman in the DC Comics movies ever since Man Of Steel and has gone on to play the iconic superhero in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League.

There’s been huge demand to have Henry Cavill play Superman again, possibly in a Man Of Steel 2.

However, it sounds like fans might not get their wish.

Warner Bros. Pictures recently announced that they are making a new Superman movie with Bad Robot.

Warner Bros. Pictures unfollowed Henry Cavill on Instagram


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However, the Superman in this movie will not be Cavill’s.

Instead, it’ll be a black version of the superhero. Many people believe this movie will tell the story of Calvin Ellis.

So, the supposed news that Henry Cavill un-followed Warner Bros. Pictures did make many fans think that he was done with the studio.

The truth is that he never followed them. Warner Bros. Pictures’ Instagram used to follow Cavill, but for some reason, they opted to un-follow him recently.

So, what does this mean? Could this mean that Warner Bros. is done with Cavill?

No, I don’t think so. I think – or at least, I hope – this was a mistake and Warner Bros. didn’t even realise the mistake had been made.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Warner Bros. Pictures unfollowed Henry Cavill on purpose?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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