Titans Season 3 Episode 1 Spoiler Review


Writer: Richard Hatem and Geoff Johns
Director: Carol Banker
Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter, Curran Walters, Joshua Orpin, Savannah Welch and Iain Glen

Titans is finally back with its third season (Titans Season 3 Episode 1), based on the DC comics.

This first episode starts with a bang with Jason Todd (Curran Walters), the second Robin, trying to track the Joker, while Bruce Wayne sits in his private jet, drinking the night away.

We start this third season with a very unexpected death but we are also presented with a mystery that needs to be solved.

Now we wonder what will happen to Gotham, now that Batman is losing his way, and what kind of experiments was Jason doing?



Credit: HBO Max

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It has been almost 2 years, since the last season, so it was nice we got a little action sequence to reintroduce us to the Titans that are left.

This action scene was interesting to watch, but I think the music used made it much more enjoyable to watch.

The music was a nice juxtaposition compared to the fighting we were watching.

It was a good scene and we got to see the Titans powers being used.

However, at times you could tell that this fight was staged and a bit overperformed by certain actors.

For fans of the show, you may notice that a couple of characters didn’t make an appearance, such as Rachel, Hawk and Dove.

Rachel has gone to Themyscira, to try and bring Donna back, while there is no explanation for where Hawk and Dove are, maybe we’ll see them further into the season.

However, the remaining Titans, Starfire/Kory Anders (Anna Diop), Nightwing/Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), Beast Boy/Gar Logan and Superboy/Conner Kent are still fighting crime and on good terms with the police and media.

However, could this change?

We know that superheroes and the media have a love-hate relationship, at the moment they are loved but it could easily and quickly change.

Like in Gotham, it appears not everyone has much faith in Batman and he isn’t exactly the most popular around there.



Credit: HBO Max

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The Titans are all so different and it’s interesting to see how they work together.

I think we have been given hints to what the Titans personally and together will have to deal with in this season from this first episode.

In this episode, Gar (Ryan Potter) talks about his insecurities about Superboy (Joshua Orpin) being more popular than him.

I feel like this could become a running theme in the show, which could lead to an exciting confrontation.

This is just speculation but it wouldn’t surprise me if something like this did happen between these two characters.



Credit: HBO Max

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A lot of unexpected things happens in this episode.

We haven’t yet seen what the Joker looks like, which I think is quite interesting.

Now we are told Batman kills him in this episode but I’m not sure.

My gut is telling me that he isn’t really dead, I don’t think Batman (Iain Glen) could kill him, even if he really wanted to.

I may be wrong but it would be a shame if the Joker was killed off so quickly and suddenly before he got any real screen time in this season.



Credit: HBO Max

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With the death of one Robin, is it time for another Robin to be found?

We are introduced to Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo) in this episode, and if you are a die-hard DC comic fan, you’ll understand how important Tim’s appearance is and we will be seeing more of him in the rest of the season.

In this episode, we really see Batman struggle to come to terms with Jason brutal death and he does anything he can to move on as quickly as possible.

It doesn’t matter what adaption, Batman is always the same, he is a man who struggles when he loses those close to him.

He just forgets about them.

This episode really lays into Batman and literally shouts at us all the reasons that Bruce shouldn’t be Batman.

Especially the fact that he weaponizes his sidekicks, which is an interesting concept that has been really thought about and works well.

We never see Batman be vulnerable and it was an interesting moment between Dick and Bruce, when this finally happened.

Bruce telling Dick “He can’t do this alone” and Dick ripping into him, felt like a long time coming.

Dick came to Gotham to help with the loss of Jason but instead is faced with a difficult decision, will he take up the gauntlet and become the next Batman?

Or can Bruce be reasoned with?



Credit: HBO Max

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Gotham has always been a dangerous place and now while Batman is dealing with his issues, there is also a serial murderer on the loose who has wrapped up eight victims so far.

I like how much we are introduced to this episode because it makes us interested to find out what is going on.

Like what did Jason take before he went after the Joker and can Dick find out what he was going?

Also, who is this killer that is about in Gotham, is it someone we know/heard of?

This episode has set up nicely the rest of the season and I am really excited to see the answers to all these questions.

However, we spent a lot of time with Dick in this episode but it would have been nice to maybe spend some time with the other titans too.

I do wonder when they will come to Gotham.

This first episode sets up this third season really nicely.

I’m excited to see what will happen next and I’m not sure what to expect either.

We spent a lot of time in Gotham in this episode and it’ll be interesting to see how Dick responds.

I liked how we’re left with Dick having to pick up the pieces of his past mentor and Starfire has a vision of doctors wheeling someone on a stretcher down a hallway.

The plot is good and really interesting so I want to watch more.

However, the performances were good in this first episode, just nothing blows me away but there is plenty of time for the performances to improve.

What did you make of Titans Season 3 Episode 1?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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