HBO Max Rumoured To Want Gal Gadot To Guest Star In A New Wonder Girl Series

It’s being rumoured that HBO Max wants Gal Gadot to guest star as Wonder Woman in their upcoming Wonder Girl series.

This news comes from Geekosity, and they’re claiming that Wonder Woman could end up cameoing in a Wonder Girl series on HBO Max.

According to Mike Sutton, there are plans at HBO Max to make a Wonder Girl solo TV show.

She was in Greg Berlanti’s live-action Titans show and there have reportedly been discussions to give Wonder Girl her own spinoff show which would tie in with the DCEU.

So, just in case you haven’t watched Titans Season 2 yet, I’m going to give you a SPOILER warning right now.

Wonder Girl was killed in Titans Season 2, and her body was taken back to Themyscira.

This was so that she could be resurrected, and she will be in Season 3 – at least, we hope so.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman could cameo in Wonder Girl on HBO Max

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HBO Max and AT&T see the DC Comics properties as their way forward.

They now have the rights to make DC Comics TV shows and they are looking to capitalise on that by putting a lot of money into developing new series based on these characters.

We’ve already heard the news that they are developing a Batman Beyond with Michael Keaton returning as Bruce Wayne.

There are also rumours that there might be a Batman and The Joker series in the works at HBO Max.

According to Mike Sutton, HBO and AT&T feel that a Wonder Girl series would be a great way to bring in the fans of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movies.

Have Gadot appear in the show would just be an extra incentive for people to watch this new Wonder Girl series.

However, Sutton does claim in his report that Wonder Girl, like Titans, won’t be connected to Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies, but will take place in another Earth in the Multiverse.

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