Titans Season 2 Is Coming To Netflix On January 10th In The UK

I’ve been waiting for watch Titans Season 2 now here in the UK for what seems like ages, but I just haven’t been able to because it’s not airing anywhere in this part of the world.

The first season of the DC Comics TV show was interesting. There was a lot to like about it, but there was also a lot of stuff which wasn’t so good.

That said, I was still excited to see where they were going to take the show next, and I’ve heard that Season 2 of the DC Comics TV show is even bloodier than the first, which I quite like.

Titans was first made available on DC Comics’ own streaming platform, DC Universe, but it’s looking like there’s very little life left in that particular service.

However, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are still very interested in making more shows and they’ve started releasing them on other streaming platforms, such as Netflix.

We’ve finally found out, via Netflix UK and Ireland’s Twitter account, that Titans Season 2 will be turning up on their service January 10th, which means we only have a few days until we get to watch the whole show.

Titans Season 2 is finally coming to the UK

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This is fantastic news for those of you, like myself, who’ve been eagerly waiting for the next season but haven’t wanted to find another means of streaming or downloading the show.

Netflix UK and Ireland’s tweet also revealed that the likes of Sex Education Season 2, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 14 and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 will also be coming in January.

There’s so much good content to look forward to. I’m especially excited to see what’s going to happen in Season 2 of Sex Education and Season 3 of Sabrina.

These two shows have been some of the TV highlights of 2019, and I’m eager to see which direction Netflix has opted to take them in.

Are you looking forward to watching Titans Season 2 on Netflix in the UK?

Let us know in the comments below.

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