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Resident Evil 4’s Remake Might Add New Story Content

It’s been revealed that Resident Evil 4’s remake will add new story content which is exactly what the new game needs to set it apart from the rest. Resident Evil fans have had a lot of things to be happy about of late. We got Resident Evil: Biohazard back in 2017, and then we got…

These Are The Classic PC Games You Should Play Right Now

There are a whole load of things you can do whilst at home, and one of those things is play classic PC games. Evenings which were once spent playing PC games have long been replaced with binge-watching every episode of Netflix’s new hit shows like Narcos, Breaking Bad and the latest smash – Tiger King….

Eli Roth Is Directing A Borderlands Movie

It looks like we’re going to be getting a Borderlands movie from Eli Roth of all people. Eli Roth’s been making very interesting decisions in his career as a filmmaker. He is traditionally known as the guy who made the rather horrible Hostel movies. He also produced the likes of The Stranger, Clown and The…