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A New John Carter Project Confirmed To Be In Development


Just when you thought the red sands of Barsoom had settled, a new John Carter project emerges from the cosmic dust, ready to whisk us away on another otherworldly adventure.

In an age where the appetite for sci-fi has been rekindled by the likes of Dune, the enduring hero of Edgar Rice Burroughs is making a grand return, potentially in more forms than one.

We’re here to unpack the mysteries and excitement surrounding this interplanetary comeback.

The possibility of John Carter gracing our screens—or perhaps our gaming consoles—was teased through a cryptic new website launched by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., complete with a countdown that has fans counting the minutes.

Could this mean a new series, a film sequel, or an immersive video game?

Let’s dive into the swirling sands of speculation and solid facts that are currently orbiting the beloved franchise.

What We Know So Far About the New John Carter Project


Credit: Disney

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A Multiverse of Possibilities: Film, Series, or Game?

After regaining the rights from Disney, following the commercial stumble of the 2012 film directed by Andrew Stanton, Burroughs’ estate appears ready to revitalize the John Carter legacy.

While details are scant, the diversity of modern media offers multiple pathways for John Carter’s resurrection.

Could we be looking at a sprawling new series, a blockbuster sequel, or perhaps a video game that lets us explore the vast plains of Mars firsthand?

The Creative Forces Behind the Curtain

While the creative team has yet to be unveiled, the involvement of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. ensures that the original spirit of the John Carter novels will be a guiding star for this new project.

Fans of the 2012 film’s unique blend of action and otherworldly politics have reason to hope for a faithful yet fresh adaptation of the classic tales.

The Legacy and Cult Following of John Carter


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Overcoming Past Obstacles

Despite its initial box office flop, the 2012 John Carter film has cultivated a dedicated fan base, appreciative of its ambitious scope and imaginative storytelling.

This cult following underscores the potential for a successful reboot or continuation, especially with sci-fi and fantasy genres currently thriving in both cinema and streaming platforms.

The Influence of Modern Sci-Fi Successes

The recent success of films like Dune illustrates a flourishing market for high-concept sci-fi that blends deep narrative with expansive world-building.

This environment could provide the perfect backdrop for John Carter to re-establish itself as a beloved sci-fi franchise, with potential to attract a new generation of fans.

Fan Reactions and Industry Buzz


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The announcement has sparked a wave of excitement across social media, with fans speculating about the directions in which the franchise could expand.

Industry analysts are also watching closely, considering the project’s potential to tap into the lucrative sci-fi and adventure genres that have seen significant growth in recent years.

Final Thoughts on this new John Carter project


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As we hover in anticipation over the mysterious sands of Barsoom, the future of the John Carter franchise promises adventure, intrigue, and a new chapter in the saga of one of science fiction’s most enduring heroes.

Whether through the immersive realm of video games or the dramatic flair of television and film, John Carter’s return is poised to be a landmark event in the sci-fi community.

So, keep your eyes on the stars—and the countdown on the newly launched website. The next chapter in the John Carter saga is about to begin, and it’s one that promises to take us on an unforgettable journey back to the red planet.

Strap in, space adventurers; it’s going to be an epic ride!

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing what this new John Carter project ends up being?

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You can stream the John Carter movie on Disney Plus right now.