New Silent Hill Video Games Reportedly In Development At Konami

It’s being reported that there are two more Silent Hill video games currently in development over at Konami and this is very good news. This comes from AesthicGamer on Twitter.

There’s a new rumour making the rounds suggesting that there will be two more Silent Hill games coming out, or at least, there are two Silent Hill games being worked on. This is really exciting to us because we here at Small Screen are huge fans of the Silent Hill video game franchise.

AesthicGamer is the one who’s leaked this information, and he’s been pretty much on the mark as far as Konami’s upcoming horror video games are concerned. This was especially the case with the Resident Evil video games. He’s now claiming that one of the Silent Hill games will be coming to the PS5 and the other will be a multi-platform game. He’s also saying that one of these Silent Hill games could be second the Telltale-esque episodic release that was rumoured to be announced in 2020.

There are two more Silent Hill games in development

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Here’s what AestheticGamer had to say about the Silent Hill video games that Konami is developing:

The apparent situation is like I’ve been saying since last year, there may be 2 Silent Hill games in dev, one a PS5 game, the other a multi-platform game by two different teams. Now something I know 100% is in 2018 Konami was shopping around for two SH games, one a soft reboot, one an episodic game. I thought the other game got scrapped, but talking with others, some have heard the 2nd game is also still in dev elsewhere. One game has Sony backing in some capacity, the other is unknown, but they’re being very secretive about it. Even those with known Sony contacts, many within the company don’t know a lot about the game. That’s if this is all true, but this part isn’t 100% verified, so grain of salt and all of that. Ultimately to see what happens.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to playing these upcoming Silent Hill video games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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