Box Office Update: The UK’s Top Ten Highest-Grossing Films Of 2020

January 2020 seems like a long time ago. In fact, anything prior to March seems impossibly erased from recent memory. It’s difficult to remember films that were topping the box office pre-COVID19 courtesy of ComScore. Yet the numbers have been calculated for 2020 and they make for interesting, even nostalgic reading for times gone by. Here are the top ten highest-grossing films at the UK box office to come out in 2020:

The Top 10 highest-grossing films in 2020 at the UK box office

sonic-the-hedgehog jim carrey doctor robotnik

Credit: Paramount Pictures

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  • 1917 £43.9m
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 19.3m
  • Tenet £17.5m
  • Bad Boys For Life £16.2m
  • Dolittle £15.9m
  • Little Women £15.3m
  • The Gentlemen £12.2m
  • Parasite £12.1m
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker £11.4m
  • Jumanji: Next Level £11m

What’s interesting to note here is Tenet is probably expectedly the only film released after the pandemic in the top 10.

Sonic The Hedgehog (starring Jim Carrey) was released for February half-term on Valentine’s Day, Dolittle (starring Robert Downey Jr) a week before on February 7th along with Academy Award winner Parasite. What this shows is both the box office half-term family movies can deliver along with the huge success Parasite was at the time both critically and commercially.

The other releases in the top 10 were all released either January or December. Jumanji December 13th, and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker December 18th. Sam Mendes’ hit 1917 based in the first World War following British soldiers grossed £43.9m across the pandemic year, despite being released on January 10th it tops the year’s box office.

Tenet is only the third highest-grossing film of 2020 at the UK box office

John David Washington Tenet Review

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Tenet taking number 3 position showcases just a small example of the year that might have been had blockbusters stayed with their release dates… All eyes now turn to No Time To Die and Daniel Craig. With the UK in a lockdown until measures are reviewed on February 15th there’s a holding of breath for its release.

We recently broke the news upon MGM Studio looking for a sale here, but it seems untenable that they’d release the film anywhere before the UK. But with cases in the UK for Coronavirus hitting an all-time high, and a strict lockdown in place in order to vaccinate it seems unlikely.

What will the huge delay mean for No Time To Die?

No Time To Die Trailer Super Bowl

Credit: Sony Pictures

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Given we in the UK have been over-promised before & come short it’s fair to say it’s more likely we’ll see a change in the coming weeks if the situation doesn’t improve to the release date of No Time To Die. What’s for sure is it will certainly be the film many anticipate when cinemas can re-open will kickstart its revival and bring a much-needed boost to the industry.

What are your thoughts on this year’s top 10? Are you excited for No Time To Die? Do you think it’ll be delayed again? Let us know below in the comments.

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