The Best Games For Reaction Development


Reaction speed is one of the most critical skills in any shooter. The one who reacts faster and destroys the opponent will win. All cyber athletes must train their reactions for 8–10 hours daily to win important tournaments. We have selected ten shooters for you that will help you develop this skill, but first, let’s look at some valuable recommendations for honing this skill. In this article, we will look at the best games that will help to improve your reaction development.

How to develop reactions for shooters?


Credit: Remedy Entertainment

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Several essential factors influence our reaction to PC and Indian casino online slot games:

  • The computer chair. It’s hard to focus on a shooter when your back hurts because of an uncomfortable chair.
  • Keyboard and mouse. Your peripherals must know how to react quickly, and your mouse must be comfortable in your hand.
  • Sleep. Many things in the body depend on the quality of your sleep. The brain needs to rest to recover. That’s why take care of a proper regimen and a comfortable bed.
  • Headphones. If you are distracted by extraneous sounds, you can forget about a good reaction in the shooter.
  • Game monitor. It is essential that the monitor to keep up with the game. It is better to choose wide screens with a 21:9 ratio to see the environment better and get a good advantage. The refresh rate is also essential: the monitor should be at least 144 Hz.
  • Training. As in any business, practice is also necessary, so download shooters and go to practice!

Which are the best games for reaction development?


Credit: Arkane Studios

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Back 4 Blood

Before being a cooperative shooter, you must destroy crowds of zombies and mutated monsters, choose from eight heroes with unique skills, join a team of four, or go solo on essential missions. Prepare to face whole hordes of dead people, many characterized by exceptional stamina, cunning and abilities. In this game, it’s not enough to shoot monsters – you need to think through your actions and try to move forward. Fight through the zombies across the entire location to complete the task, get rewards and move on to the next mission.


In the centre of New York City is a hidden agency for studying and controlling supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena. We play the girl Jessie Faden, who recently became this Federal Bureau’s new director. The astral dimension has penetrated our world, and many employees are neutralized. Using unique skills, it is necessary to go through the whole space of the Foundation and stop all the chaos. Prepare to face exciting but dangerous phenomena, crowds of enemies and demonic entities from the alternate universe. Upgrade your skills, uncover the secrets of this place, pass tests and improve your arsenal to confront even the most potent opponents successfully.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

It is a near-realistic tactical shooter. The rules of the game are simple: two teams of five people, where one must plant a bomb and the other must prevent it from happening. Special Forces and terrorists that is, to many, a familiar picture from the popular Counter-Strike. Only here do you play for trained people, where everyone has unique skills. Choose a hero based on your preferences or the team’s needs, work out a strategy and keep an eye out because the enemy can be waiting around any corner. Scout the territory with drones or surveillance cameras to find enemies and highlight them to your teammates. There are several modes in the game, and various events are often held multiple events with unique skins on operatives.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Everyone knows the legendary Call of Duty franchise doesn’t need much introduction. Many remember this game from Simon Riley (Ghost), Captain Price and Soap. This time, we will again have to go on a dangerous mission to prevent a military conflict. We have a vast weapons arsenal and modern equipment to help us escape the chaos. Destroy opponents, advance on tasks, increase combat skills, participate in underwater battle sieges, stealthily penetrate enemy territories, use camouflage, etc. Here, you can dive headfirst into the combat dynamic shooter. Plus, multiplayer with several game modes is available.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Take part in multiplayer battles against other players. Collect a strong team, work out tactics and remember reaction and attentiveness. Here, mindless shooting will not help; it is essential not to forget strategy. Think of ways to retreat, install fortifications and set traps. Don’t rely on automatic replenishment of your health scale: you’ll have to heal yourself, and finding a safe place for that would be good. You will get exclusive add-ons and the game itself in the presented edition.


It’s 2032, and we play as Morgan Yu, who just woke up aboard Talos after classified experiments. There is not a living soul around, well, almost. The staff disappeared somewhere, and the space station is filled with extraterrestrial intelligence – Mimics. These creatures can disguise themselves as any surrounding object, so be careful: simple at first glance, a pen or chair can turn out to be a deadly enemy. Further on in the story, you will meet another monster – Typhons. These dodgy, cunning, sharp creatures are designed to destroy the entire space station. Dive into a sci-fi shooter where quick reaction is the primary key to survival.

What do you make of this feature? Are there any games that we missed?