Stranger Things Season 5 Episodes Won’t Be Released Weekly

Stranger Things Soars To The Top Of Netflix Rankings After Season 4 Debut

There have been some rumours for a while not that episodes of Stranger Things Season 5 will be released weekly on Netflix.

Well, it seems as though those rumours aren’t quite right.

Peter Friedlander, Netflix’s head of scripted series for U.S. and Canada, revealed during a panel moderated by Variety’s TV Editor Michael Schneider at Tuesday’s HRTS Presidents Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles that they will not be dropping new episodes of Stranger Things Season 5 weekly.

Here’s what Friedlander had to say about Stranger Things Season 5’s release strategy:

For the fans of Stranger Things, this is how they’ve been watching that show, and I think to change that on them would be disappointing. To not give them exactly what they’ve been expecting — which is Stranger Things is a seasonal experience, they go through that with them — I think that it would be an abrupt change for the member.

Stranger Things Season 5 will not be released weekly


Credit: Netflix

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Friedlander then went on to reveal that this binge model is still going to be the way Netflix opts to release scripted shows on their streaming platform.

We fundamentally believe that we want to give our members the choice in how they view. And so giving them that option on these scripted series to watch as much as they want to watch when they watch it, is still fundamental to what we want to provide. And so when you see something like a batched season with Stranger Things, this is our attempt at making sure we can get shows out quicker to the members.

Friedlander went on to add that this choice is “really about servicing” Netflix’s subscribers “in more expedient ways.”

Netflix will continue to release new seasons of their scripted shows at once

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He continued:

That’s what you see [with Stranger Things] and that’s what you see with Ozark. So we have had some experimentation in that space. But it’s also, you’re giving multiple-episodic-viewing experiences, it isn’t a standalone. So it really does, what we think, honours our relationship with our members and what their expectations are. There have been other types of launch cadences, but that’s connected to an unscripted approach or a competition approach.

So, it sounds as though, for now, Netflix is going to keep on releasing new seasons of their scripted shows at once.

However, I do suspect this model will end up being altered given how well other streaming services have been doing by releasing new episodes of their biggest shows on a weekly basis.

What do you make of this news?

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