Loki Director Reveals Kang Scripted The Infinity War Saga


Loki’s director, Kate Herron has revealed Kang The Conqueror, aka He Who Remains, would have scripted the whole Infinity War saga.

Herron revealed this in a recent interview with The Direct, and it really does make you think, doesn’t it.

So, Loki Season 1’s finale revealed that He Who Remains – played by Jonathan Majors – was the one behind, well, everything.

He was the one to set up the TVA in order to protect the ‘Scared Timeline’.

He Who Remains is also known as Kang The Conqueror and it seems as though this version of the MCU villain isn’t as bad as the others are going to be.

It also seems as though he’s the one responsible for the MCU’s timeline and therefore the Infinity War saga!

Loki’s Kang The Conqueror scripted the whole Infinity War saga!


Credit: Disney Plus

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Here’s what Kate Herron had to say about Kang being behind everything in the MCU so far:

I suppose well, by our show’s logic, yes, because he says like, ‘I paved the road, you just walked down it’. I guess in theory, yeah, he would’ve scripted that because by our show that’s what we’re saying. Everything has been predetermined by this one character, even if up to this point we’ve believed the characters have had free will. Which I think is kind of the fun rug-pull of our show, right?

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing what Kang does next in the MCU?

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