Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Japanese Website Teases Rey’s Turn To The Dark Side

Star Wars’ Japanese website features The Last Jedi’s plot synopsis which reveals Rey and Kyo Ren’s struggles between the Dark and the Light sides of the Force.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s new international trailer recently came out and it featured some new footage yet didn’t give away too much about the film’s plot, or at least, we didn’t learn anything new from it. However, Star Wars’ Japanese website features a plot synopsis for their much-anticipated movie, The Last Jedi. This description has since been translated by Tumblr user Sakurau211, and it reveals rather a lot about Rey and Kylo’s constant struggles between the Light and the Dark sides of the Force. Check out the translated plot synopsis below (via

The Light? The Darkness? Rey and Kylo, two people who seem to move between the two; a new shocking development is hinted to await them in Star Wars – The Last Jedi.

 Although the world was shocked to see that the hand offered to Rey belonged to that of Kylo Ren, what awaits Rey and Kylo is the question of “The Light? Or the Darkness?”, as together they are tossed and moved by the powerful Force.

Rey, who, even though in the previous film ‘The Force Awakens’ awakened the Force, carries a sense of being lost and unsure; will she be taken away by the darkness…. Kylo, who killed Han Solo, despite the fact that he was his real father; will the hopeful small amount of light that still remains in his heart be able to undo the darkness!?

These two figures who seem to resonate with each other; we cannot take our eyes off of them!!

Rey and Kylo Ren are very interesting new additions to the Star Wars universe. They seem to represent something we’ve never really seen before. They both struggle with being on the Dark or the Light side of the Force. Kylo Ren desperately wants to be on the Dark Side, yet can feel the Light inside of him. The opposite could be said of Rey, who even though she wants to save people, she can still feel the pull toward the darkness. It seems as though Rian Johnson’s film will explore this theme. It’s been said that Johnson’s Star Wars film will be dark and the idea of Rey feeling the lure towards the Dark side is pretty bleak.

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Star Wars The Last Jedi will be out in UK cinemas on December 14th. Have you bought your tickets yet?

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