An Artist On Twitter Has Been Drawing Every Star Wars Character In Order Of Appearance For Over 100 Days

An Artist On Twitter Has Been Drawing Every Star Wars Character In Order Of Appearance For Over 100 Days

A very talented Star Wars fan has been drawing characters from the iconic space saga in order of appearance for over 100 days, and his illustrations are incredible. Take a look at them below.

Star Wars fan art isn’t anything new. However, good Star Wars fan art is hard to find. There aren’t too many people out there who can recapture the space opera saga’s essence through their artwork, yet one very talented Star Wars fan has been doing so every single day for the last 100 days. Brandon Bernard has been posting an illustration a day of a Star Wars character in order of appearance. I’ve made a small selection for your viewing pleasure below, yet I do recommend you check out his Twitter feed. It’s really something special.

I chose to highlight some of the most recognisable Star Wars characters, but there are some real deep cuts amongst his illustrations. A lot of the frequenters of the Mos Eisley cantina turn up, as well as some other lesser known characters that deserve their time in the spotlight. At the moment, Brandon’s only at Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He started off with the very first Star Wars film ever made, Star Wars: A New Hope, and has been making his way through the characters in order of appearance. That’s a lot of work for just one person and so far he’s on day 109. Plenty more Star Wars illustrations to come.

If you go through all of Brandon’s work you’ll notice that he’s adopted multiple art styles over the 100+ days, yet you can always tell that he’s behind them. There’s something very unique about his art style and that’s the sign of a true artist. I just hope that Lucasfilm will catch wind of his work and will commission him to make a poster of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Imagine how beautiful that would be. Rian Johnson, if you’re reading this, hire Brandon now!

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