The Second Trailer For Will Smith’s New Netflix Movie, Bright, Is Here And It’s Very Strange

The second trailer for Will Smith’s Netflix movie, Bright, has dropped and it showcases some of the film’s stranger moments. Check it out below.

Netflix is really pushing the boat out with their original content. They are no longer a streaming service that makes the occasional TV show. They are a fully-fledged studio producing quality movies and TV shows. They’ve recently announced their intentions to release 80 original movies in 2018, and they’ve already released some critically acclaimed movies such as Okja and Beasts of No Nation. Their next movie is the Will Smith led film, Bright, which sees him team up with his Suicide Squad director, David Ayer and this seems to be a very strange prospect. Check out Bright’s second trailer below.

Bright is set on an alternate Earth where humans live alongside all sorts of fantastical creatures such as orcs, elves witches and fairies. Will Smith plays a human cop, Daryl Ward, whose partner is an orc officer called Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). One night they are called out on a routine patrol and the two of them end up finding an elf called Tikka who’s in possession of a magic wand that has unlimited power. They have to protect Tikka and the wand from wrongdoers such as Naomi Rapace’s witch Leilah, who want to use the wand’s power for their own evil goals.

On the face of it, Bright seems like one of Will Smith’s strangest movies yet. Although, he did star in Wild Wild West, which was pretty darn awful. Smith and Ayer enjoyed working with one another so much on Suicide Squad that they took this project to Netflix, who of course snapped it up. That said, the streaming service turned Hollywood studio has had very high standards in the past, which Bright has to meet considering its star pull. They don’t want a Suicide Squad on their hands. Whatever happens, we know that we’ll be watching what David Ayer’s original vision was for the movie since Netflix tends to give their directors everything they need. All they want is a good final product. Fingers crossed Bright turns out to be the movie we all hope it is.

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Bright will be available to stream on Netflix on December 22nd, 2017. Do you like the look of Bright? Let us know in the comments below.

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