Our SPOILER-FREE Verdict On Stranger Things Season 2

The world seemed to grind to a halt, as Season 2 of Netflix’s wildly successful hit series Stranger Things was released just in time for Halloween, but did it live up to our expectations? Read on to see our spoiler-free verdict.

We live in the Golden Age of television, and with a wealth of groundbreaking shows at our fingertips, it takes a special series like Stranger Things to turn the release of a second season into a momentous event. I, along with almost everyone else I know, approached the evening of Friday 27th October with a strong commitment to watching as many episodes of Stranger Things Season 2 as my emotions could handle, and it didn’t disappoint.

Making a successful sequel to such an immediate hit series is an intimidating feat by anyone’s standards, and when speaking in an interview with Deadline, co-creator of the series, Matt Duffer, described Season 2 by saying: “It’s cliché to say bigger and darker, but that’s really what we tried to do.”

In the posters and trailers released in the lead up to the premiere, we began to see a monstrous, spider-like being standing over the town of Hawkins, and I for one was slightly worried that they would simply replace the previous Demogorgon with a bigger, better, slimier monster. Instead, the creature serves as a constant reminder to the audience, Will, and the characters around him, that even though they seemingly closed the world between their reality and the Upside Down, the trauma that they all suffered will never leave them, and in many ways that is a much bleaker prospect for everyone involved than having to kill yet another monster.

As many of you are still in the process of watching Stranger Things Season 2, I won’t go into too much detail about it, until a suitable amount of time has passed (is tomorrow too soon?). The first episode starts with a bang as we’re faced with the possibility that Eleven may not be so unique after all. There are new kids in town, one of whom goes by the name of Mad Max and has breathed new life into Will’s friendship group. Hopper is housing a secret, Mike hasn’t given up hope that he may one day be reunited with Eleven, and there might still be justice for Barb, though at a price.

I have to commend The Duffer Brothers on how smoothly they began the second instalment of their show, striking a balance between depicting how each character has tried to move on since Eleven disappeared and moving onto the defining climax of the series, all the while raising enough questions to merit many, many more seasons.

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