Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Wishes He Could Have Used Deadpool In His Movie

Taika Waititi revealed on Twitter that he would have liked to use Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in his Thor: Ragnarok movie.

This question has probably popped up a couple of times, but Thor: Ragnarok’s director, Taika Waititi, has revealed that he would have liked to use Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in his Marvel movie. A Twitter user asked the director: “If you could’ve had the chance to bring one marvel character into … who would that be?!!” To which Waititi replied: “Deadpoop. But, y’know… laws n shit.” Waititi certainly has a way with words. Check out his tweet in all its glory below.

Despite calling the character “Deadpoop” we all know who Waititi is referring to. It’s Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool who is quickly becoming one the most popular modern-day superheroes. It’s the “lawn n shit” part of his response that’s the problem. Despite being a Marvel character, 20th Century Fox owns the movie rights to Deadpool, which means that he can’t appear in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. It’s a huge shame because Deadpool would have worked really well in a film like Thor: Ragnarok and pitting him alongside Thor and the Hulk would have been hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds would have also slotted in pretty well with Thor: Ragnarok’s cast and crew. According to Mark Ruffalo, roughly about 80% of the movie was improvised and he couldn’t believe they weren’t sacked. We all know how good Reynolds is at improvising and seems to thrive in that sort of environment. He most likely would have loved to be part of the movie, but you know… laws n shit.

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