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Ryan Reynolds Reveals He Would Like To Do A 6 Underground Sequel

6 Underground star, Ryan Reynolds, has revealed that he would be up for doing a sequel to the Netflix movie which was directed by Michael Bay, and it’s no surprise he’s up for it given how much money they’ve all made out of the film.

I’ve made my thoughts about 6 Underground perfectly clear (I didn’t think much of it), but after watching it was thinking that they’re bound to make a sequel to the movie.

First off, it’s a Michael Bay movie. They always seem to get sequels. Secondly, it’s probably going to be Netflix’s biggest hit. I’m pretty sure loads of people are going to stream the movie.

Netflix doesn’t make their numbers public, but I know they will reveal that 6 Underground has been their most-streamed movie of the year.

They’re making a sequel to Bright with David Ayer and Will Smith returning, and I thought that film was rubbish too, but it just did so well on the streaming platform that they had to make a second one.

Netflix spent over $150 million on 6 Underground, and with names like Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay attached, they’ll want to make very sure they can bring them back to make another movie.

6 Underground sequel is going to be a thing, isn’t it…


Ryan Reynolds might be the problem here (Credit: Netflix)

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Reynolds was asked about a potential sequel during a press junket for the film in Brazil, and he was asked whether he would want to come back for 6 Underground 2 (I guess they’ll call it that…), and his response was a pretty clear yes.

Yes, we would go back [for] a sequel because we love each other. This cast genuinely loves each other, so it will be fun if it happens.

As I mentioned earlier, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Reynolds wants to make a 6 Underground sequel.

All they have to do now is come up with even more bombastic action set pieces. I’m pretty sure the ‘plot’ will ‘write itself’.

What do you think? Do you want to see a 6 Underground sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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