Netflix Buys Cancelled Fan-Favourite Series Sparking Hope For A Revival


Netflix has recently acquired the rights to Heels, the fan-favourite wrestling drama series, sparking excitement and hope among fans for a potential revival (via The Hollywood Reporter).

The series, which was cancelled after its run on Starz, has found a new home on the streaming giant, indicating a possible comeback due to its popularity and unfinished narrative arcs.

This move by Netflix has rekindled discussions and speculations about the future of Heels, with fans and industry insiders eagerly awaiting official announcements regarding its continuation.

The Journey of Heels


Credit: Starz

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Heels, starring Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig, delves into the world of professional wrestling, exploring the lives, struggles, and aspirations of its characters both in and out of the ring.

Its cancellation by Starz left many storylines unresolved, leading to a strong fan-led campaign for its renewal.

Netflix’s decision to license the series has been seen as a response to this demand, offering a glimmer of hope for the show’s future.

A Second Life on Netflix?


Credit: Starz

Netflix’s history of reviving cancelled shows gives fans reason to be optimistic about the future of Heels.

The platform has successfully brought back several series, providing them with the closure or continuation they deserve.

With Heels now in its catalogue, the streaming service has the opportunity to expand its narrative and potentially develop further seasons.

The Cast and Crew’s Response


Credit: Starz

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The cast and crew of Heels have expressed enthusiasm about the show’s new lease on life, with lead actors Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig being vocal about their love for the series and their willingness to return to their roles if given the chance.

The transition to Netflix opens up new possibilities for storytelling and character development, potentially allowing the show to delve deeper into the intricate world of wrestling and the personal dynamics of its characters.

The Complexities of a Revival

Despite the optimism, the revival of Heels on Netflix is not without its challenges. Contractual obligations and scheduling conflicts, particularly concerning its lead actors, could pose significant hurdles.

Stephen Amell, for instance, has been involved in other projects since Heels was cancelled, which could complicate his return to the series.

Final Thoughts on Heels coming to Netflix


Credit: Starz

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The acquisition of Heels by Netflix has stirred a wave of excitement and speculation among its fanbase and the wider television community.

While the future of the series remains uncertain, the move by Netflix has undoubtedly opened the door to the possibility of a revival.

Fans of Heels are hopeful that the drama and spectacle of the wrestling world will continue to unfold on their screens, bringing new chapters to the stories they have come to love.

As discussions and negotiations continue behind the scenes, the fate of Heels hangs in the balance, with its loyal audience eagerly awaiting the final verdict.

Whether or not Netflix will step into the ring and officially revive Heels for a new season remains to be seen, but the potential for its return has certainly sparked a renewed interest in this beloved series.

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You can stream Heels on Netflix right now.