New DCU Slate Being Presented Later This Month


It’s been revealed by James Gunn, the co-CEO of DC Studios, that the new DCU slate will be presented later this month, which is actually pretty exciting. There’s been an awful lot of movement over at DC Studios ever since Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed as the newly-formed studios’ new leaders. We’ll go into quite a bit of that in this article. However, to start off, I wanted to focus a bit on what Gunn had to say about when the new DCU slate will be announced to the general public.

Gunn took to Twitter to reveal that he and Safran will be announcing some of the new DCU slate later this month. This comes after weeks of speculation about what’s going to happen to the DC Universe following Gunn and Safran’s hiring over at DC Studios. They have been planning the future of the DCU, and we’re going to know a little bit more about their plans later this month. What a lovely Christmas present!

The new DCU slate will be presented by Gunn and Safran later this month


Credit: DC Comics

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Here’s what James Gunn had to say on the matter:

Peter & I have a DC slate ready to go, which we couldn’t be more over-the-moon about; we’ll be able to share some exciting information about our first projects at the beginning of the new year.

Gunn then went on to add that Superman is going to be a huge part of the DCU moving forward. He also added that Henry Cavill will not be playing Superman moving forward. Here’s what he had to say:

Among those on the slate is Superman. In the initial stages, our story will be focusing on an earlier part of Superman’s life, so the character will not be played by Henry Cavill.

The new co-head of DC Studios then revealed that they had a really good meeting with Cavill, and he teased that they might have something else in mind for the actor:

But we just had a great meeting with Henry and we’re big fans and we talked about a number of exciting possibilities to work together in the future.

More will be announced in January

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There will be more to be announced this January, and I know that there are DCEU and SnyderVerse fans out there who will be devastated to hear that Zack Snyder’s era at DC is over. It looks like they are going to be recasting all the major Justice League actors. However, it also seems as though Gunn is very keen on keeping the old players involved somehow.

We’ve already heard that he is interested in casting Cavill in another DC role. Whether that will happen or not is another story. We also heard that he, Safran and Ben Affleck had a very productive meeting about the actor/filmmaker possibly directing a DC Studios movie. I think that would be a great move for everyone involved.

Then there was the report that Jason Momoa would be leaving the Aquaman role after the upcoming sequel. However, it’s also been reported that Gunn and Safran are looking at the possibility of casting Momoa as Lobo in their DC Universe, which I think would really work!

Finally, Wonder Woman 3 has been cancelled. Patty Jenkins is no longer attached to the project, and Gal Gadot’s future as the DC superhero is uncertain. We’re going to have to wait and see what happens, but there’s a lot of movement over at DC Studios.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing what’s coming up from DC Studios? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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