Kevin Feige Considering Quitting Marvel After Secret Wars


It’s being reported that President of Marvel, Kevin Feige, is considering quitting the studio after Avengers: Secret Wars is released. This report comes to us via Giant Freakin Robot, and it does make quite a bit of sense to us.

The outlet is claiming that their sources with close ties to Marvel and Disney have informed them that the Marvel Studios head is seriously considering leaving Marvel Studios after the release of Avengers: Secret Wars. Feige is the main reason why Marvel Studios is the Hollywood powerhouse it is today.

Before he started producing these Marvel movies, the company was in a very bad way. They were close to bankruptcy, and they took a real gamble on making the first Iron Man movie. Fiege was the main producer of that movie, and many say that without his guidance and leadership, along with Jon Favreau – the movie’s director – the film would have been a failure.

Kevin Feige leaving Marvel after Secret Wars is released?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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This would have meant that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t have existed, and we wouldn’t be getting these incredible entertainment Marvel movies, and now TV shows on Disney Plus. The MCU’s success is the stuff of Hollywood legend these days. I’m sure that it’ll go down in Hollywood history, and people will (they probably already are) be studying Feige’s leadership for the studio.

The fact that he’s reportedly considering leaving the company shouldn’t come as a shock to us. He’s been in charge for so many years now, and I’m sure he might be looking for new challenges in his career. He’s been basically at the helm as Marvel Studios since 2008’s Iron Man was released.

That’s a long time to be at the head of a movie studio, and I’m pretty certain he’s one of Hollywood’s longest-serving heads of a studio. I can’t think of anyone else who’s been in charge of a studio for as long as he’s been running Marvel Studios. Please, correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below.

Feige has made Marvel what it is today


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Anyway, it does seem as though one of his main goals with the MCU was to get to Secret Wars – which is one of Marvel’s most famous and popular comic book runs. Marvel’s head honcho announced that Avengers: Secret Wars would wrap up the MCU’s Phase 6, and I think that would be a good time to hand over the reins to someone else.

There’s so much to take charge of now, and we’ve been hearing for a while that he’s wanted to bring in producers and directors that could handle the movies and TV shows themselves. He’s basically taking a less active role in the production of these projects.

Could be heading to Star Wars?

Kevin Feige Marvel Star Wars The Mandalorian

Credit: Marvel Studios

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It was also revealed back in 2020 that the Marvel boss was going to be making a Star Wars movie, so maybe he would like to spend more time on that particular project. It’s no secret that he’s a big Star Wars fan, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take a more active role in that particular franchise moving forward.

What do you make of this news? Do you think Avengers: Secret Wars would be a good time for him to step down as the President of Marvel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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