James Wan’s Wife Speaks Out Against Amber Heard


It’s been a pretty bad week for Amber Heard and it’s getting worse for her as people in Hollywood are starting to speak out against her, including James Wan’s wife.

It was already revealed that James Wan had unfollowed Amber Heard on Instagram.

That was actually quite a big thing to do since Heard is supposedly one of the leads in his upcoming movie, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.

However, Heard herself revealed in court that her role in Aquaman 2 had been significantly reduced.

She actually said that Warner Bros. Pictures executives wanted her removed from the movie entirely.

We’re now learning that James Wan’s wife is not a fan of Amber Heard’s.

She took to Instagram to post some rather cryptic messages, but fans online have been able to work out what she was really talking about.

James Wan’s wife, Ingrid Bisu, wrote via her Instagram Stories: “Lies are an ugly fucking thing”.

James Wan’s wife speaks out against Amber Heard on Instagram


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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She then added: “The truth will always bleed through no matter how many years or decades it takes. But the lies will have a domino effect and hurt a lot of people”.

People have started speculating about what was really going on behind the scenes on Aquaman 2.

One Twitter user wrote: “My suspicion is Wann wanted her out. Jason and Peter wanted her in.”

Another added: “WOW!!! It always seemed like Wan wanted her in… but maybe no one did and she backed them in a corner with something”.

“I am so glad to see Amber losing the respect.. if there was any for her.. in peoples eyes,” wrote another.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think that James Wan really wanted Amber Heard removed from Aquaman 2?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Lucy A H

    100% she wasn’t wanted she’s manipulative and I reckon she did back them into a corner! The truth has finally come out!!

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