Zack Snyder Admits That The SnyderVerse Is Dead At WB

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Zack Snyder and his wife Deborah have admitted that the SnyderVerse is dead as far as Warner Bros. Pictures is concerned.

They revealed this in a recent interview with Zavvi and they both seemed really down about it.

We recently just did a video about the SnyderVerse and how it’s dead at Warner Bros. Pictures.

You can watch that video down below:

Zack’s words are the confirmation we were waiting for.

That said, it could still live on over on HBO Max, and I’m pretty sure that Zack and Deborah would love to do it.

Zack Snyder confirms the SnyderVerse is dead at Warner Bros. Pictures

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Snyder started off by revealing where he would like to see the characters go next:

Listen, what I want the characters to do next, I’m really interested in them thriving. I’m interested in an amazing Aquaman movie, and Wonder Woman 3, and The Flash movie, and I think they should make a Cyborg movie as far as I’m concerned. That makes a lot of sense, especially after seeing this movie. Obviously, Cyborg would be the next movie because he’s so awesome.

He then opened up about the SnyderVerse’s current situation at Warner Bros.:

Yes, we have a fully fleshed out universe that we could dive into, but the truth is, you know, Warner Brothers, I don’t think they have really any interest in continuing this storyline. You know, they are the keepers of the IP, and it’s up to them. So, I am super happy with the way the movie turned out and I love these characters and I’m super proud of them.

What do you make of this news?

Are you upset to hear Zack Snyder reveal this about the SnyderVerse over at Warner Bros. Pictures?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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