Jack Ryan Season 4: Everything We Know So Far


Jack RyanSeason 4 is one of the most highly-anticipated television events of the year, and fans of the hit Amazon Prime Video series are eagerly awaiting the release date, plot, and cast updates. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything we know so far about the upcoming season of Jack Ryan

First and foremost, fans are undoubtedly wondering when they can expect to see the fourth season of the series. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime has not yet announced a release date for the new season. However, we do know that filming has already begun and that the release date will likely be sometime in 2022.

As for the plot of Jack Ryan Season 4, details are still relatively scarce. However, we do know that the new season will continue to follow the titular character, played by John Krasinski, as he navigates the dangerous world of international espionage and political intrigue.

Fans can expect to see plenty of action-packed scenes, as well as a healthy dose of political commentary and social commentary.

Is Jack Ryan Season 4 happening over at Prime Video?


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Of course, one of the most exciting things about any new season of a television series is the cast. While we don’t know much about the new season of Jack Ryan yet, we do know that John Krasinski will once again be reprising his role as the titular character.

Additionally, we know that the show’s creator, Carlton Cuse, will be returning as an executive producer. So, while we don’t know much about season 4 yet, fans can expect to see the release date, plot, and cast updates in the coming months.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest information on the new season, and the minute we get any new information about the fourth season, we will update this article. But, without any further ado, here’s everything we know about season 4.

What’s the series all about?


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Jack Ryan is a television series that premiered on Amazon Prime in 2018, starring John Krasinski as the titular character. The series is based on the Tom Clancy novels and follows the story of Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst, as he uncovers a dangerous terrorist plot.

With the success of the first three seasons, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the fourth season, which is currently in production.

Jack Ryan Season 4 filming updates

The production on season 4 has been officially confirmed and filming began in October 2021. Filming on the fourth season has actually finished as they filmed seasons 3 and 4 back to back. This news was confirmed by John Krasinski during an interview with The Wrap. Krasinski confirmed that Seasons 3 and 4 were shot back-to-back.

Here’s what Krasinski had to say on the matter:

We already finished [Season 4], we actually shot three and four back to back. So that was the whole idea, knowing that the fans would go so long in between two and three, we decided to do three and four back to back so that they wouldn’t have to wait that long again.

This means that there will not be such a long gap between seasons 3 and 4 as there was between seasons 2 and 3. There was a three and a half year gap between those two seasons!

Where was Season 4 filmed?

Season 4 began filming in February 2022. They filmed most of the fourth season of the show around Croatia. However, in May 2022, filming on the series took place on the Spanish island Gran Canaria, according to Canarian Weekly

Krasinski also mentioned filming in New York, Los Angeles, Budapest, Slovakia, and Prague. However, he didn’t specify whether those were locations for season 3 or season 4. Here’s what Krasinski had to say on the matter during an interview with The Wrap:

What an incredible challenge that was for all of us to be [filming for] what was over a year and a half. We had a small break in the middle. But we were essentially away from our families for over a year and a half. And not just New York to L.A., we’re in Budapest and Slovakia, and Prague and wherever else. Canary Islands. It’s a blessing to do it, but it’s tough nonetheless.

When could Jack Ryan Season 4 be released?

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While an official release date has not yet been announced, it is expected that Jack Ryan Season 4 will be released in 2023. The fourth season has already been shot, which means that it’ll be in post-production right now. I think that Amazon might want to keep the show for a late 2023 release.

What happened in Jack Ryan Season 3?

In the third season of Jack Ryan, the story picks up with the CIA operative and his team in Rome working to stop a terrorist organisation from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Jack’s investigation leads him to Greece and then the Czech Republic where he faces off against former members of the USSR who are attempting to bring the Soviet Union back by getting Russia and the United States to engage in war.

What fans can expect in Season 4?

Fans can expect more action-packed and intense plot twists in the new season. The plot is expected to follow Jack Ryan as he continues to track down and stop terrorist threats, while also dealing with political and personal challenges.

The new season is also expected to delve deeper into the character’s personal life and explore his relationships.

Political and social commentary

As with the previous seasons, season 4 is expected to touch on current political and social issues, providing a commentary on the state of the world through the lens of the show’s story and characters.

Will John Krasinski return as Jack Ryan?

The good news is that John Krasinski will be reprising his role as Jack Ryan in the fourth season. However, it’ll also be his and the show’s final season. That said, it has been revealed that Amazon is already working on a spinoff show.

This spinoff show will reportedly star Michael Peña as Domingo “Ding” Chavez – a character who’s going to be introduced in the upcoming season. There have also been reports that Krasinski might be about to star as Jack Ryan in the upcoming Rainbow Six movie which will be lead by Michael B. Jordan.

Confirmed cast members for Jack Ryan Season 4


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Alongside Krasinski, other confirmed cast members include Wendell Pierce as James Greer, Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller, and Michael Kelly as Mike November. Here’s a full list of season 4’s confirmed cast:

  • John Krasinski as Jack Ryan
  • Wendell Pierce as James Greer
  • Michael Kelly as Mike November
  • Betty Gabriel as Elizabeth Wright
  • Michael Peña as Domingo “Ding” Chavez
  • Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller

These actors have all made a significant impact on the show and their return is sure to add depth and complexity to their characters. Wendell Pierce’s portrayal of James Greer has been praised by both critics and audiences alike, and his return is sure to bring more tension and drama to the show.

Abbie Cornish will be reprising her role as Cathy Mueller, Jack Ryan’s wife, and her character’s relationship with Jack is sure to be a major plot point in the upcoming season. Noomi Rapace might be joining the cast as Harriet ‘Harry’ Baumann, however, that hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet.

With these talented actors returning to the show, fans can expect high-quality performances and an emotionally charged season.

Creator Carlton Cuse returning as executive producer

Creator Carlton Cuse is returning to the show as executive producer, alongside co-creator and executive producer, Graham Roland. This is great news for fans of the show as Cuse has been instrumental in developing the series and ensuring its success.

He has been involved in the show since its inception and his return is a sign that the fourth season will be just as gripping and well-written as the previous seasons.

Cuse’s extensive experience in the industry and his understanding of the character and the story make him the perfect person to guide the show’s creative direction. With Cuse at the helm, fans can expect a season that stays true to the show’s roots while also pushing the boundaries and introducing new elements.

Recap of what we know so far about Jack Ryan Season 4


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So far, we know that season 4 is in post-production and expected to be released in late 2023. The plot will continue to follow Jack Ryan as he deals with terrorist threats, political and personal challenges, and we can expect more intense plot twists and exploration of the character’s personal life.

Keep an eye out for more information about the release date and plot details as they become available. Stay tuned for more information on Season 4 as it becomes available.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to watching season 4 when it’s finally released on Prime Video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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