John Krasinski Might Star In Rainbow Six With Michael B Jordan


John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan might get to meet with Michael B Jordan’s John Clark in the movie adaptation of Rainbow Six. A report from Giant Freakin Robot says that a crossover could potentially happen in the Tom Clancy movie adaptation.

Amazon Prime has distributed both the Jack Ryan series starring Krasinski and the streaming movie Without Remorse (2021) starring Michael B Jordan. Both are based on the world of Tom Clancy which some call the “Ryanverse.”

While the Jack Ryan series was made under Amazon Prime, Michael B Jordan’s film was originally set for a theatrical release under Paramount Pictures. The release was delayed and was acquired by Amazon Prime. The production already had plans to make the sequel Rainbow Six before even making Without Remorse.

Just yesterday, we had reported that John Wick director Chad Stahelski would be helming Rainbow Six. And we also did report that the film is expected to release in theatres.

While we haven’t really seen a crossover yet, Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Without Remorse has featured some characters that are known within Clancy’s universe. But the first major connection that was hinted at was with a character made specifically for the film: Lt. Commander Karen Greer.

Greer is played by Jodie Turner-Smith. She is the niece of James Greer, who is Jack Ryan’s friend and former boss in the CIA. James Greer is played by Wendell Pierce in the Jack Ryan series.

Jack Ryan Could Meet John Clark In Rainbow Six

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GFR reports that the new film, Rainbow Six could potentially have Krasinski return as Jack Ryan. Reprising his role from Amazon Prime’s TV series. To what extent his character would be is still a question to be answered. But it would be nice to see Michael B Jordan’s John Clark sharing the screen with Krasinski’s Jack Ryan.

Rainbow Six could potentially show Jack Ryan as the new US President, just like in the books, if the film will be following the source material. At the moment, things can still change depending on the development of the film and if Krasinski’s appearance would even push through.

Krasinski has played the role of Ryan for three seasons now. The fourth season is done filming and is already in post-production. While fans of the show would love to see more seasons of Jack Ryan, it’s already been confirmed that the fourth season is Krasinski’s last. At the moment, the final season has no release date as of yet. But it is presumed that it will be released close to the end of 2024.

After which, Amazon Prime is said to be developing a spin-off series with Michael Peña as Domingo Chavez. Chavez is another major character in the Ryanverse, who is also a member of Rainbow Six. In the books, Chavez is John Clark’s son-in-law.

It’s obvious that Paramount and Amazon are working to make the Ryanverse a bigger franchise. And it could. Tom Clancy has lots of books in relation to Jack Ryan, John Clark, James Greer and even Domingo Chavez. Even though Clancy passed away back in 2013. His legacy still lives and several more books are being made with new writers within that universe he created.

John Krasinski Could Return As Jack Ryan In Rainbow Six With Michael B Jordan

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Rainbow Six is the first book to feature the team, but it is also when Clancy got known in mainstream gaming. A video game was developed under his own game company Red Storm Entertainment. The game had the same title as the book, which was both released in 1998.

The game follows Domingo Chavez and his team. The organization director of Rainbow Six was John Clark. It featured a tactical first-person shooter with strategic gameplay, which was very unique at the time. The game series was so popular that the game development company was bought by Ubisoft. The game series still survives today with the most recent game Rainbow Six Extraction.

Jack Ryan is one of the most popular characters in the film who can be compared to James Bond for being portrayed by multiple actors. He’s portrayed on film by Alec Baldwin (Hunt for Red October), Harrison Ford (Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games), Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears) and Chris Pine (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit). Krasinski is the first one to portray the character in a series.

Now we wonder if Krasinski could come to Rainbow Six, would we see more of Jack Ryan in other Tom Clancy-related projects under Amazon Prime?

What do you think of John Krasinki reprising his role for Rainbow Six? Would you want to see Jack Ryan meet up with John Clark in the film? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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