When Will The White Lotus Season 3 Be Released?


The White Lotus Season 3 is now all everyone can talk about after Season 2’s incredible finale, and we – just like you – are desperate to know when the third season will be released on HBO Max.

So, in this article, we’re going to try and answer questions such as is the third season happening? If so, when could it be released, who could be starring in it and what could happen in a third season? We will do our very best to answer all of these questions for you.

However, please bear in mind that not all the answers are out there at the moment. When we hear anything new about The White Lotus Season 3, we will update this article accordingly.

Is The White Lotus Season 3 happening on HBO Max?


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So, one of the big questions I’m sure you have is whether a third season is in the works or not. The good news is that yet another edition of Mike White’s series is already in development for HBO Max. This was confirmed just three episodes into the second season.

HBO revealed in a statement that The White Lotus “will return for a third instalment following a new group of guests at another White Lotus property.”

That’s very good news, isn’t it! To be honest, given how the second season ended and all the cliffhangers that just need to be resolved, and the show’s huge popularity on the streaming platform and across the globe, I highly doubt that the idea of not renewing the show for another season ever came into the executives over at HBO Max’s heads.

When could the third season be released?


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As for a release date, we still don’t have one yet. However, creator/writer and director, Mike White revealed during an appearance on Katie Couric’s podcast that he only finished editing Season 2 “10 days ago,” which means that the third season might be quite a ways off at the moment. White then added:

I need to reboot a little bit. I don’t have a lot of gas in the tank. So I need to figure out how to unplug and refresh or something.

It certainly sounds as though White might need a holiday before he can get started on the third season.

What could happen in The White Lotus Season 3?


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One of the biggest questions I have is what could happen in this third season. Well, before the finale dropped on HBO Max, the show’s creator, Mike White, gave some clues about what could happen next during an interview with Vanity Fair in which he called the third season “a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality.” Mike then added:

We are going to scout in Asia and look at countries there. My instinct is that maybe it has something to do with spirituality. Eastern versus Western religion or Western people in an Eastern culture. Maybe after sex it would be nice to have something that’s a little more celestial or something that’s a little more out of the carnal, I guess. But I don’t know. I have to beg off to be honest because I don’t really know.

White also revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he originally centred season two around politics and power, rather than sex and relationships. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

The kind of mythology of Sicily, at least from the point of view of Americans, is the archetypal sexual politics and role play that you associate with, like, opera and the mafia and Italian romance. I felt like it should be more focused on men and women and relationships and adultery and have an operatic feel to it, so I pivoted.

However, the writer-director did also state that he could still do his initial idea “down the road maybe, if they give us a third season.” Well, the third season has now been confirmed, so maybe they’ll let him do what he originally planned on doing in The White Lotus Season 3.

Who is going to star in the third season?

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What about the show’s cast? Who could star in the third season? Well, The White Lotus Season 2 introduced us to a while bunch of new characters. They were played by Aubrey Plaza, ​​Theo James, Meghann Fahy, Michael Imperioli, Will Sharpe, Beatrice Grannò, Haley Lu Richardson, and Adam DiMarco. Jennifer Coolidge returned from the Emmy-winning first season, and she delivered yet another standout performance.

However, the question of whether she could return as Tanya in Season 3 was answered in the second season’s incredible finale. One cast member who might be back for the third season is Connie Britton. She played Nicole in the first season, and she actually revealed that she was supposed to return for Season 2, but things just got in the way. Here’s what she had to say on the matter during an interview with Deadline:

 He [Mike White] wanted me to be in the second season, and there was an idea that I loved for the character. Our intention is to do it in the third season. A piece of casting didn’t work in the second season and we’re hoping to [do] that in the third season. I would love to see a spin-off on every character in that show.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to watching The White Lotus Season 3 when it’s finally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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