The Films And TV Shows To Watch This International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is coming and we’ve come up with some films you might like to watch on March 8th!

On March 8th, all around the globe, we celebrate women – and it is also a time to discuss important issues, such as the Gender Pay Gap, the cost of the pandemic to women, equal rights, maternity leave, and so much more.

Representation matters. We have heard a lot about this over the last few weeks – such as with debacles like that of SIA’s film, Music.

It matters that we allow our children to see powerful role models, especially.

So, what films should you consider watching on International Women’s Day?

Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Arc

Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Credit: Lucasfilm

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This beloved cult classic is four decades old this year – and some parts have not exactly aged particularly well.

The follow up has not necessarily aged too better, either. (Read our feature about that here.)

However, the Indiana Jones franchise continues to endure today – and is beloved by many generations.

Marion is perhaps the original ‘Mrs Jones’ – and her role in this film should strike us all. Although the film is primarily lead by Harrison Ford, she is his equal – tough and utterly unafraid. Marion is not the typical damsel in distress – you just need to watch The Temple Of Doom for that.

(Press ‘mute’ when there is screaming. Trust me – it will save your eardrums.) Marion also makes a return later on in the franchise, too.

The Fall


Credit: BBC Northern Ireland

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Any crime fans? This is the thing for you – and The Fall is available in its entirety on Netflix.

Gillian Anderson plays the character of Stella Gibson, a police officer in charge of an investigation into women going missing, often found in horrible situations and poses after they have been murdered.

She is in pursuit of one serial kill, Paul Spector. (Played by Jamie Dornan – yes, really.)

There are some disturbing scenes, but parts of the dialogue are devoted to women and the perception in society – such as being divided into ‘whores’ and ‘angels’ in the press when they die.

The character of Gibson is innately flawed – but it is rare to see someone ‘own it’, all in silk blouses.

Even Buzzfeed wrote about what a badass Stella Gibson is.



Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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Jacqueline Kennedy is perhaps one of America’s most iconic First Ladies – and one with an enduring legacy until this very day.

While it is debatable as to whether or not she was a feminist – she definitely was not while First Lady – she did a lot in her position, and in later years as a book editor.

After her husband was assassinated, there is a period of time where she took control – and it’s regarded as her leading by example to a nation in mourning.

This is Natalie Portman at her finest – and it shows a period of history not often talked about.

Working Girl


Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Because we all need a jazzy soundtrack by Carly Simon in our lives….!

Another cult classic film, this is taken from a period when women were being talked about, front and centre, in the workplace.

The Spice Girls may have invented ‘girl power’ not too long after – but this is all about learning to find your place in the world, alongside the concept of being your own boss.

The hair may be big, with some chintzy prints that hurt your eyes and clanky jewellery to match, but there is an important lesson at the heart of this film.

Funny Face


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Funny Face is a film that Audrey Hepburn is known for – and, like Working Girl, there is an important lesson at the heart of this book.

Audrey Hepburn is the embodiment that it is possible to be bookish and sexy.

There is so often a ‘division’ – that women can only be interested in one or the other – and it is a stereotype that still persists to this very day.

Funny Face blows this out the water, even if the plot is a little bit tedious.

A Private War

a-private-war international women's day films

Credit: Thunder Road Pictures

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This year marked almost a decade since Marie Colvin died in Syria – and the Syrian government has since been found to be responsible for her death.

The war correspondent had a reputation for being the bravest – a larger than life character.

She would outdrink people, she was extroverted – and specialised in bringing out the untold stories of people who typically would not make it to the news.

Rosamund Pike is in the lead role – and the portrayal is truly haunting.

Marie Colvin has a wonderful legacy and was arguably a game-changer for women in the industry.


sylvia international womens films

Credit: BBC Films

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Sylvia Plath is known as a confessional poet, as well as The Bell Jar – a novel she herself described as a ‘pot boiler’, but has never been out of print since.

Sylvia is not necessarily the best representation of her life – and can be incredibly disturbing at times.

Sylvia Plath often had some reflections about her place in the world – such as reflecting on expectations (on women of her generation at the time) to just be a homemaker – and not having the chance to do more, or even choose the role.

The Glorias

the-glorias international women's day films

Credit: Page Fifty-Four Pictures

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Know of Gloria Steinem?

An absolute legend of an icon in America, this is a biographical film – and should be shown to everyone.

There are so many themes that are relevant to today – and we could all do with a reminder.


burlesque international women's day Films

Credit: Screen Gems

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Need something a bit fun, a bit frivolous, even if it was arguably a flop of a film?

Hear me out on the logic of this one – although some will not agree.

Ali Rose (Christina Aguilera) has the gift of a huge voice – and wants ‘out’ of a dead-end job.

She decides to up sticks, quits the job – and moves cities.

She is taken into a Burlesque club, owned by Cher.

By accident, her voice is on show – and she becomes the star of the club.

The rest of the plot is rather tenuous – with a mild dilemma bout its future, as well as catty power struggles.

Arguably, women should be allowed to be themselves – without fear of assault, catcalling, or coercion.

And this is an imperfect example of that. One of the perfect films to watch on International Women’s Day!

What do you make of this feature? Are there any films on this list that you’ll be interested in watching on International Women’s Day?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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