Henry Cavill Fired His Manager Before Superman Drama


It’s been revealed that Henry Cavill fired his manager before it was announced that he would no longer be playing Superman in the DC movies. This news comes to us via Puck, which has proven to be a credible source in the past.

However, before really getting into the weeds of this story, we need to mention that Dwayne Johnson has since taken to Twitter to ‘debunk’ the claims that Cavill fired his manager, Dany Garcia, before the whole DC Universe Superman drama.

Johnson claimed in a tweet that the report was “100% not true”. However, Puck News’ Matt Belloni claimed in his original article that Cavill fired his manager before it was announced that DC Studios would not be asking him back as the Man Of Steel.

Belloni and Puck have been proven right many times in the past, so it seems as though this sorry could be legitimate. In case you didn’t know, Garcia happens to be Johnson’s manager also, as well as the co-founder of his production company, Seven Bucks Productions (and is also Johnson’s ex-wife).

Henry Cavill sacked his manager months before the Superman drama


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So, according to Belloni, Cavill had actually fired Garcia as his manager “a few months” before the DC drama went down. In his report, Belloni claims that Garcia advocated for the last-minute cameo in Johnson’s Black Adam movie.

The cameo was filmed less than two months before the movie premiered, and it’s also the reason why so many people, myself included, believed that Cavill would be returning as the Man Of Steel.

Cavill then took to Instagram to reveal that he was coming back to the role and that he was excited for fans to see what’s coming next. There were then reports stating that Warner Bros. Pictures was accepting pitches for the sequel.

They reportedly received one treatment from Peaky Blinders creator, Steven Knight, which they then sent back with many notes. Some reports even suggested that Warners actually rejected Knight’s script and story idea.

We then heard that The Flash director, Andy Muschietti was very interested in directing a Superman/Man Of Steel sequel.

What’s to come for the actor?


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All of this comes after it was revealed that Johnson was leaking false box office numbers to the press in order to make Black Adam look like a success. It turns out that his DC Universe movie failed miserably at the box office, which is a shame because I did enjoy the film.

Black Adam is actually in our best 22 movies of 2022 list, so it can’t be that bad! But, back to Cavill. What’s next for the British actor?

He’s now lost the Superman role, and it was revealed that he’s no longer going to be playing Geralt Of Rivia in The Witcher after Season 3. He’s been replaced by Liam Hemsworth in Season 4, and there have been reports that Netflix and the show’s producers ended up squeezing Cavill out of the show.

I’m not so sure about the validity of those reports. I really hope they aren’t true because Cavill seems like a nice and pretty serious guy when it comes to his work.

I think that Cavill wasn’t happy with the direction the show was going in, and he didn’t appreciate that the people involved in the series weren’t actually fans of the source material.

Anyway, it’s since been revealed that Cavill is going to be starring in and producing a new Warhammer 40,000 series for Amazon Prime Video, which is great news!

What do you make of this news? Are you shocked to hear that Henry Cavill has fired his manager, Dany Garcia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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