The Best Marvel Themed Team-Building Activities To Do With Your Colleagues


Are your colleagues all Marvel fans? It’s highly likely that they are; whether they prefer the likes of Marvel’s Loki and WandaVision on Disney Plus, or one of the millions of people who rushed to the cinema to watch Marvel’s Endgame (aka the highest-grossing film of all time), a penchant for superheroes and comic book films is likely something you and your colleagues have in common. What better way to bond, then, than by engaging in some Marvel-themed team-building activities that you can easily book on the team event platform, Jurnee?

Whether it’s a rousing game of Hawkeye-approved archery tag, or a chance to unleash your inner Hulk in a rage room, there are plenty of ways for you and your colleagues to get your Marvel on.

And they’re not just crowd-pleasing ways to have fun; they’re also the sort of highly engaging (and high adrenaline) activities that are guaranteed to get your colleagues’ endorphins and heart rates up, collaboration and strategising skills heightened, and new friendships forged within and across teams, too.

To that end, then, here’s our pick of the very best Marvel themed team-building activities…

Axe Throwing –  Thor

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Thor might wield a hammer in his first run of Marvel movies, but the God of Thunder picks up an enchanted axe, Stormbreaker, after Mjølnir’s destruction.

What better way for you and your colleagues to emulate the Avenger, then, than by practising your axe throwing skills in a fun Marvel-themed team-building activity?

Not only is it a fun stress reliever, but it’s also an excellent bonding experience, too.

No wonder it ranks so highly in the world of unusual team-building activities, eh?

Archery tag – Hawkeye


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel’s Hawkeye might not be one of the most popular Avengers, but Clint Barton has the kind of superhero powers that feel attainable; he is highly skilled in the use of ranged weapons, especially the bow and arrow.

As such, archery tag is one of the best Marvel themed team-building activities to try with your colleagues; a bit like paintball, all it asks is that you grab a bow, enter the arena, and strategise like mad to avoid enemy fire!

Trust us; it’s a truly unique and fun way to spend some quality time exercising and socialising with colleagues.

Rage Room – Hulk


Credit: Marvel Studios

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If there’s one thing we love about Marvel’s Hulk, it’s that he is never afraid to make his feelings known.

But, while Bruce Banner is able to “Hulk smash!” whenever and wherever, we recommend that you and your colleagues unleash your inner Hulks in a dedicated rage room instead.

Otherwise known as “anger rooms”, these Marvel-themed team-building activities allow you the chance to shout, scream and smash up random objects together – forging bonds, boosting endorphins and giving people relief from their day-to-day stress in the process.

Indoor Climbing – Spider-Man


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Physically and mentally challenging, there’s a reason that indoor climbing is one of the most popular Marvel-themed team-building activities on the list.

It’s a full-body workout, a great adrenaline rush, and incredibly social, too; you’ll be working with your colleagues in teams of two – with one person belaying (controlling the rope) and the other scaling the walls like Marvel’s Spider-Man – which means that a) you are never alone, and b) it’s an excellent trust-boosting exercise, too.


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