These Are 6 Great Ideas For A Marvel-Themed Celebration

Perhaps you are Marvel-crazy yourself, or you just know somebody who is – a relative, friend or partner – and you are looking to throw a Marvel-themed celebration.

Where do you start?

These six ideas will point you in the right direction no matter what the occasion.

Big or small, a Marvel party is sure to get creativity flowing, be a crowd pleaser and leave attendees talking about it for years – a little like the films themselves.

1.    Cake decoration

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Cake decorators can do anything these days, from cakes shaped like Marvel characters to fondant icing in the logo of your favourite film, a stunning cake is the centrepiece and focal point around which your celebration forms.

Cakes by Robin offer bespoke cake designs for any event and will endeavour to produce exactly what it is you’re after.

Whoever you use, ensure your brief is precise to get the result you desire.

2.    Fancy dress

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This is especially fun for children, but many adults never grow out of enjoying a fantastic fancy-dress party. Plan ahead and get each member to come as a different superhero, or challenge everyone to come as the best Iron Man possible. The possibilities are endless, but consider setting a budget so that nobody is priced out of the competition.

3.    Party games

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Think up some Marvel-themed party games. There are board games you could buy, as well as card games, or you could invent your own. Pin the shield on Captain America or challenge your friends to draw the best Spider Man while blindfolded.

4.    Marvel watchalong

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Choose your favourite Marvel film and invite your friends and family around for a watchalong. If you’re not sure which movie is the best, then check out Cash Lady, who have anaylsed this for you. They have discovered every country’s favourite superhero, concluding that Black Panther is the champion of all superhero’s. Alternatively, you could ask your friends which they would like to watch. Make sure you have snacks at the ready, and use a Marvel-themed tablecloth and plates.

5.    Weddings

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Having a Marvel-themed wedding would certainly be unique. If you and your other half are both huge Avengers fans, bespoke cakes and wedding dresses could be what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t want to have your whole day Marvel themed, you could easily pull on a quick change of outfit for the photoshoot. If you’re wearing a suit, why not hide a Spider-Man costume underneath for some incredible photographs of you tearing it open to reveal the iconic red and blue beneath.

6.    Release date party

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Finally, and perhaps most obviously, you could throw a party for the release date of an up-coming Marvel film.

Black Widow is scheduled for later this year, while 2021 is expecting the releases of The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and a new Spider-Man sequel.

Book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment and plan around the timings of the film.

Ask friends to bring snacks to add to the buffet round yours beforehand, and then find a quiet bar to sit down in with a drink and dissect the film afterwards.

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