Is Ben Affleck’s Batman Returning After The Flash Movie?

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One question I’ve been asked a few times now ever since it was revealed that Ben Affleck would be returning to play Batman in The Flash movie has been, will this be the end of Batfleck?

Well, this is actually quite a loaded question because there are so many factors at play here.

One of the main factors is what’s going to happen with the Snyderverse.

I already reported on the civil war that’s going on at the very top of WarnerMedia and this is putting the future of the Snyderverse in jeopardy.

Many high ranking WarnerMedia executives want the Snyderverse to stop here and move on.

They are looking at the MCU model as the future for the DC Comics movies and TV shows, and they feel that the Snyderverse isn’t something they should pursue.

However, there are other people at WarnerMedia – those invested in HBO Max – who believe that there’s huge potential in carrying on the Snyderverse over on their streaming service.

Ben Affleck’s Batfleck after The Flash movie depends on whether the Snyderverse continues

Ben Affleck Batman Flash Movie Snyderverse HBO Max

Credit: HBO Max

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One of the big fans of the Snyderverse and Zack Snyder, in particular, is Ben Affleck.

He only agreed to return to the reshoots on Snyder’s Justice League because he would be getting to work with Zack again.

He then agreed to play Batman in The Flash because he was reportedly impressed by the script and liked the story arc they had written for his Batman.

So, his involvement in any future movies as Batman at the moment is just as uncertain as the Snyderverse is.

He has said on multiple occasions that he’s kind of done with Batman now and only agreed to return because his son wanted to see him play Batman again.

However, there’s the fact now that his true performance as Batman has finally been seen via Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and I’m being told that he’s got the bug to play the Dark Knight again.

Ben Affleck will only play Batman again if Zack Snyder is involved

Ben Affleck Batman Flash Movie Snyderverse HBO Max

Credit: HBO Max

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I’ve been told that Ben Affleck really loved the vision that Zack Snyder had for Batfleck in Justice League 2.

If you’ve seen the storyboards that were recently leaked, then you might understand why.

It would have been a terrific and gut-wrenching way for Ben Affleck to say goodbye to the character.

It also really fits the way that Ben Affleck had been playing the character throughout the course of these Snyder DC Comics films.

So, it seems as though Ben Affleck isn’t against the idea of returning as Batman after The Flash movie.

However, there are many variables at play here: he will only do it if the Snyderverse is allowed to continue via HBO Max and if Zack Snyder himself is involved.

Those are Ben Affleck’s demands.

That said, we will get to see Ben Affleck return as Batman at least one more time in The Flash movie, which is good news.

However, this will only be a relatively small cameo in the movie – a bit like the one he did for Suicide Squad back in 2016.

Hope is not lost for the Snyderverse, but it’s looking rather worrying

Ben Affleck Batman Flash Movie Snyderverse HBO Max

Credit: HBO Max

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So, all this to say that you shouldn’t lose hope.

There’s always hope and it’s not over until the fat lady sings (I hate that saying).

In this case, the ‘fat lady’ is Zack Snyder, and until he comes out and says once and for all that he’s not going to carry on with these DC Comics movies, then there’s still hope.

Even with WarnerMedia’s CEO Ann Sarnoff coming out and saying basically ‘this is it for the SnyderVerse’ in that awful interview with Variety, there are still people at WarnerMedia who want the Snyderverse to continue.

Then again, does Snyder really want to carry on dealing with WarnerMedia’s crap?

That’s the real question here.

Does Zack Snyder want to carry on dealing with WarnerMedia’s crap?

RestoreTheSnyderVerse Snyder Cut SnyderVerse WarnerMedia

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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I think he does want to finish what he started, however, it’s going to be hard and it will be a battle.

And, my sources have told me that if Snyder says he wants to keep it going, he will have the backing of his Batman: Ben Affleck.

He’ll also have the backing of his Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and The Flash (Ezra Miller).

They are very much a team and they are very much united.

The same can’t be said about WarnerMedia.

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