WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff Praises Walter Hamada Following The Release Of Zack Snyder’s Justice League On HBO Max


WarnerMedia’s CEO, Ann Sarnoff was full of praise for DC Films’ President, Walter Hamada following the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max.

She was speaking to Variety and the interview was supposed to be about the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max.

The movie has been doing pretty darn well with reviewers and with fans who’ve all been full of praise for Snyder and his epic film.

However, rather than take the time to praise Zack and give him his moment in the spotlight, Sarnoff opted to praise Walter Hamada instead and even took the time to defend him.

Now, I get defending Hamada when there were many people blaming him for what happened with Joss Whedon on Justice League.

He wasn’t in charge when Josstice League was shot, but he hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory since he took on the job of President of DC Films.

Ann Sarnoff is full of praise for Walter Hamada following the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League

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Credit: DC Films

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Here’s what Ann Sarnoff had to say in her recent interview with Variety:

Walter was promoted recently. I am fully supportive of Toby and Walter and their visions. I truly believe they are great executives. Walter happens to be a person of colour, so he knows what that feels like. He is bringing in diverse voices at an accelerated pace, more than anyone has in the past.

Before saying that, Sarnoff also spoke of the recent allegations made again Hamada and the investigation into them and what went on during the Justice League re-shoots. Here’s what she had to say on that matter:

No. Our investigator, Judge Katherine Forrest, has issued statements specifically about [DC Films president] Walter Hamada, saying that there was no evidence of interference by Walter in the investigation. She said that the cuts made in the Joss Whedon version of “Justice League” were not racially motivated. We took it very seriously, so we hired one of the top investigators out there and gave her a tremendous amount of leeway.

What do you make of Ann Sarnoff’s recent comments?

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