Arrow’s Ending Teases John Diggle’s Connection To Green Lantern Corps

WARNING: There are SPOILERS for Arrow Season 8’s final episode in this article, and specifically John Diggle’s future.

Guys, it happened. Arrow has come to an end after eight seasons, but the ending had one more twist in store for fans of the show and DC Comics.

Arrow Season 8 Episode 10, called Fadeout, marked the end of the show for good.

However, it does seem as though The CW is already thinking about what can come next, and that could involve John Diggle and The Green Lantern Corps.

So, let’s explain what happened in the final ever episode of Arrow.

It all concluded with Oliver Queen’s funeral.

One of Oliver’s closest friends, John Diggle, delivered a touching eulogy at Oliver’s funeral.

During this eulogy, a moving montage plays which includes a clip of John and his family moving into their new home in Metropolis.

During this scene, there’s a meteorite that crashes outside his new home.

Could John Diggle become the Green Lantern after Arrow?


John Diggle in Arrow Season 7 – Credit: The CW

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Diggle is blown back by the shockwave of the crash.

He then picks up a box at the crash site. He opens up the box and we can see a green glow.

This is a pretty clear indication that a Power Ring is in this box and we could end up seeing John Diggle become the Green Lantern.

This would be epic, and people are already getting pretty excited about this.

Now, in the comics, there have been multiple versions of the Green Lanter, the most famous one being Hal Jordan.

There’s also been the likes of Alan Scott, John Stewart and most recently Jessica Cruz.

What did you make of the final episode of Arrow, and what did you think of this Green Lantern Corps tease?

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