Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Will See Lieutenant Terry Jeffords In Charge Of The Precinct

It looks like all sort of awesome stuff is going to happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7.

However, one of the biggest things will be Lieutenant Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) being in charge of the 99 precinct.

This information was revealed in a new first look behind-the-scenes video.

In this video, the cast explains what’s going to happen to Raymond Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7.

Just in case you don’t remember exactly what happened in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6, let me refresh your memories.

The season’s incredible finale saw a kind of quadruple cross at the very end of the episode and it all resulted with Captain Holt being demoted.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t demoted to just one rank below of Captain, which would have made him a Lieutenant.

Captain Holt was demoted to being just a beat cop, which is the lowest of the low.

Season 7 will see the 99 having to get used to life with Holt as the Captain of the precinct.

Lieutenant Jeffords will be the captain now in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7

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This is where Lieutenant Terry Jeffords steps in. This new first look video which was posted on TV Line details what sort of leader he’ll be.

The cast also explains how the rest of the 99 gang will try to adjust to Holt no longer being a Captain.

“The fact is that he’s still captain to us, but it’s such a different position for him,” Terry Crews explains in the video.

“The rest of the squad is learning how to relate to Lieutenant Terry Jeffords running the show,” adds Joe Lo Truglio.

Added to this, the video also contains some new clips from the upcoming season, and they seem to show that Holt’s not in a good place.

He reveals that all respect for him is lost and claims that even his and Kevin’s dog no longer respects him.

“Now, he only poops for Kevin,” Holt reveals, which is pretty darn cold if you ask me.

What do you make of this? Are you looking forward to watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7?

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