Lucifer Season 5 Could See Lucifer Meet Father Frank In Hell

Lucifer Season 5 isn’t too far off now and fans of the show – myself included – are desperate to know what will happen in this final season.

There are lot of rumours about what could happen in this very last season of Lucifer.

We’ve seen people suggest that God to try to enact Judgement Day upon humanity.

There has been a lot written about what will happen between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Will they end up together? Will they get married? Is there a child on the way?

There’s all sort of stuff out there, however, one recent fan theory caught my eye and I think it could end up being spot on.

A user on Reddit (via The Express Online) posted a rather interesting theory on the popular website and it’s to do with the possible return of Father Frank.

Reddit user Armsmaster2112 wrote: “If I remember correctly the producers said that Lucifer will meet a familiar face in Hell.

Could Father Frank return in Lucifer Season 5?

Lucifer Ending Tom Ellis Netflix

Could Lucifer end up coming face-to-face with Father Frank in Season 5? – Credit: Netflix

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“I know some people think it might be Father Frank and some people think that would be to depressing. But what if it is him?”

This would be an incredibly depressing turn of events if it does end up being true.

Father Frank met Lucifer in Season 1 and was basically the best human ever.

However, some other Lucifer fans had another idea of how Father Frank might turn up in Season 5.

One user responded: “What if Father Frank becomes the first person to leave hell? The first person to forgive themselves enough to move on?

“Lucifer helps him to get over the things he’s done in life and watches him ascend by the end of the episode?

“We know that that is possible, Lucifer himself says there are no locks on hell and the only thing holding people there is their own guilt.”

The Lucifer fan then likened Hell to a sort of therapy session that people could end up leaving once they’ve forgiven themselves.

This would make sense, and I would love to see Father Frank return in Lucifer Season 5.

What do you think? Would you like to see Father Frank return in Lucifer Season 5?

Let us know in the comments below.

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