Lucifer’s Tom Ellis Wants To Make Another Arrowverse Cameo And Reveals How It Could Happen

Lucifer star Tom Ellis has revealed that he would love to cameo as the Devil again in Arrowverse, and he got a rather interesting idea of how it might happen.

Everybody, myself included, was rather shocked when we were watching the recent Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event, only to see Tom Ellis’ Lucifer cameo in the second part of the crossover.

Personally, I was pretty shocked because Ellis had categorically denied he was going to turn up in Crisis On Infinite Earths despite the fact that he was spotted in Vancouver which is where they film The CW shows.

He claimed that the was there just to visit an old friend for their birthday and many Lucifer fans were rather upset with him for having lied to them.

However, there wasn’t much else he could do about it because he wanted to make sure his Arrowverse cameo appearance was kept a secret so that fans would be really surprised to see him in the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event.

Ellis recently did an interview with Entertainment Tonight where he was asked whether he’d like Lucifer to make another cameo appearance in Arrowverse, and he revealed that he would very much like that to happen.

Should Lucifer turn up in Arrowverse again?

Netflix Lucifer season 5 tom ellis release date Arrowverse Cameo

When will Lucifer Season 5 be released? (Credit: Netflix)

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That’s a question for the DC bosses, not for me! I never say never.

I’d like Lucifer to be in a superhero costume at some point though, that’d be kind of fun. Lose the tux and all of a sudden he’s in spandex, head to toe.

Wouldn’t it just be brilliant to see Lucifer’s Tom Ellis turn up as some superhero from another Earth in a future Arrowverse crossover event?

I honestly believe they should try and make this happen because it would be brilliant to have more of Tom Ellis in The CW shows.

I would really love to see more of Matt Ryan’s Constantine and Tom Ellis’ Lucifer together as well, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to try and find a way to bring Constantine into Lucifer on Netflix.

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