Will Lucifer Season 5 See Chloe Decker Go To Hell To Be With The Devil?

Fans – myself included – cannot wait to see Lucifer return in what will be the show’s final season, Season 5, and there are now rumours suggesting that Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) will end up together in the end, but not in the way we might be expecting.

Lucifer Season 4 ended with Lucifer having to go back to Hell in order to quell a demon rebellion, and that pretty hard to watch especially since Lucifer and Chloe had finally admitted their feelings for one another.

It was a really tough watch, but it also demonstrated how far Lucifer has come in the show, and how far Chloe has as well.

They both finally realised how they felt for one another, and Chloe was able to accept the fact that she was in love with the Devil.

However, fans are now desperate to know how it’ll all end for the pair, who’ve now been coined as ‘Deckerstar’, and we’re all hoping that they’re going to have their own version of a ‘happily-ever-after’.

Yet, it might not turn out quite the way fans might be expecting, as Lucifer’s showrunner Joe Henderson recently shared some news about the two lovebirds.

Henderson was asked by fans (via CinemaBlend) what they could expect to happen between Lucifer and Choe and whether the Devil might return to Earth to be with her.

Here’s what Lucifer’s showrunner had to say on the matter:

Wait, who says Lucifer is coming back from Hell?? We can’t say much, but know that [co-showrunner] Ildy [Modrovich] and I are ‘Deckerstar’ fans ourselves, so we asked ourselves: For the final season, what do we want to see happen between Lucifer and Chloe? What haven’t we explored or explained yet? And we’ve tried to get all of that in Season 5.

Could Lucifer and Chloe rule over Hell together in Season 5?

Will Chloe Decker go to Hell to be with Lucifer in Season 5

Will Chloe Decker go to Hell to be with Lucifer in Season 5? (Credit: Netflix)

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That quote really does make it feel like the showrunners want Lucifer and Chloe to end up together, but they want to put their own ‘Lucifer’ spin on things.

This had me wondering whether they might be planning to have Chloe go to Hell in order to be with her one true love, and that would really be an interesting turn of events.

She could end up becoming the Queen of the Underworld, which would be so cool to see in action, and in my opinion, the perfect way to end the show which, so far, has almost entirely taken place on Earth.

This is just pure speculation at this point, but it was Henderson’s initial reaction to the question which seems to be hinting at this possible outcome.

“Wait, who says Lucifer is coming back from Hell?” That really does sound to me as if he thinks Lucifer is going to stay in Hell, meaning that Chloe will come to him instead.

What do you think of this? Would you like to see Lucifer and Chloe end up together in Hell and rule over the Underworld as King and Queen? Sounds like a fun time to me.

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  1. Behin Mansouri

    Really not sure what will happen, but l think Chloe won’t leave Trixie on earth to go to hell, and Trixie can’t go to hell without Dan. That complicates everything. Also I really hope the show doesn’t end in a religious tone. This show was separated from religion the entire time and I hope it will end that way. I don’t think Lucifer should be redeem, I feel his father is the one who brought so much pain on him, and he is the one who should apologize to Lucifer and ask for his forgiveness. But that is just my humble opinion.

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