Arrow Star Stephen Amell Reveals He Had A Panic Attack During A Podcast Interview

Arrow star Stephen Amell was on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, Inside of You, and he had a pretty bad panic attack and recently explained what happened.

You might have heard of Michael Rosenbaum. He played Lex Luthor in Smallville, so he knows what it’s like being in a massive DC Comics TV show.

He was initially talking to Arrow star Stephen Amell, and whilst they were talking, Amell asked to leave after asking if it was really hot in the room.

Since this incident, Amell returned onto the show and explained what happened.

It turns out he had a panic attack and had to leave the room.

On Tuesday’s (January 21st) episode, Rosenbaum explained that he was in the middle of chatting with Amell last month and the conversation moved to how “mentally exhausted” Amell was after the end of Arrow.

He’s been on the show for eight years, and in this week’s episode of the podcast, Amell really came clean about everything and how he was feeling.

Arrow’s Stephen Amell had us quite worried

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow – Credit: The CW

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“My wife forced me to go to the doctor’s today because she thought something was wrong with me,” he admitted to Rosenbaum. “She got really mad at me, and she told me to get my shit together. And that really got to me.”

He also recalled: “I need to mentally reset… I just feel like I’ve been trying to do things for people for the last eight years, and I need a f**king break.”

Amell revealed he had to be treated by an IV service at his home following the panic attack because he felt, as he put it, “totally out”.

He also said that he was feeling utterly burnt out after being on Arrow for eight years and he revealed that he did the final season mostly for money.

“I had a blast but I was there for the money more so,” he admitted. “For love and money but more so money.”

Amell reveals why he had a panic attack

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Amell has since tweeted about what happened and explained in slightly more detail what happened the first time around during Rosenbaum’s podcast.

“I did Rosey’s podcast after Arrow ended,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

“We had to cut it short because I had a full-on panic attack. It wasn’t pretty.

“I came back a few weeks ago to chat about it. I was in a really bad spot and I’m happy to report that I’m doing much better.”

Hopefully, Amell will be feeling a lot better now and he has some time to rest.

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