Uncharted Leads UK Box Office For Another Week


Uncharted, the Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland adaptation of the video game series has proven to be a hit for Sony Pictures and ends up in top spot at the UK box office with £1.89m ($2.53m) in its third weekend.

Universal’s Sing 2 finishes the half-term break in second place on £1.72m ($2.31m) playing across 523 theatres, and new release The Duke with Jim Broadbent and Dame Helen Mirren sits in second.

The comedy drama has £605k ($807k) and can be expected to head towards £1m ($1.34m) as the week is over.

Death On The Nile sits on £442k ($509k) for the weekend, down 54% and a cumulative total of £4.59m ($6.2m).

In contrast the previous adaptation, Murder On The Orient Express in 2017 was sitting on £17m ($22.8m)  in the third week of release, for a total finish in the UK of £24m ($32m) in its run.

Death On The Nile… Dies – Uncharted lives!

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Death On The Nile doesn’t seem likely to get anywhere close to that on the current form, which must be disappointing for Fox/Disney.

Part of this disappointment could be a few factors that we can postulate, the run time certainly hasn’t helped and this weekends release of The Duke will only further decrease its appeal.

Fatigue of the release being delayed multiple times, perhaps a lack of appeal with a cast lead by Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot failing to attract British audiences, and Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast fighting for the same audience.

The reviews were rather mixed and whilst the global performance will probably justify another adaptation in the series (£60m/$81m globally), it may be its last unless it can ignite audiences.

Belfast continues to storm


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Belfast has continued to storm ahead in week 6 with another £223k ($298k) for a total of £9.42m ($12.63m) so far in its run.

With the Oscars just a few weeks away we can expect to see Belfast playing for many more weeks. World-wide the film sits on around £20m ($26m) with over half of the gross coming from the UK.

Cyrano in its first week of release is sitting on £171k ($229k) as we head into the final evening of shows on Sunday, coming in in 10th place for the weekends UK box office.

In the US a quick look at the figures show it’s vastly underperformed against expectation with estimates ending on £970k ($1.3m). The struggle of the release shows that the speciality and musical market is still struggling to recover.

Currently the musical adaptation is behind the re-release of The Godfather which celebrates its 50th anniversary and has taken £185k ($248k).

Eyes on Gotham

With The Batman due for release on Friday and no competition across the next 2-3 weekends its expected to take a huge gross worldwide.

It will be interesting to see its performance in the UK after the BBFC gave it a 15 rating which eliminates a huge family and younger child audience.

Which has to be a blow for Warner Brothers which despite the darkness of the film, appears to be mass merchandising the film for kids with a huge range of suppliers and brands.

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