Titans Season 3 Episode 3 Spoiler Review


Writer: Jamie Gorenberg
Director: Millicent Shelton
Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter, Curran Walters, Joshua Orpin, Alan Ritchson, Minka Kelly and Savannah Welch

Titans Season 3 has really started with a bang and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

This is a very intense and quite emotional episode, something that I didn’t see coming so soon into the season.

This episode is all about Hawk and Dove and we really get an insight into their relationship.



Credit: HBO Max

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We learnt from the previous episode that Jason (Curren Walters) didn’t really die and he is Red Hood.

The Titans are still trying to get their head around this, like the rest of us.

We are all asking how did this happen but we can assume that we’ll find out at some point in the season.

However, the Titans now all have different views on how to handle Jason.

Most of them what to help him and try to understand what has happened, others think he should be killed because he is causing pain to a lot of people.

It was interesting to see Hank (Alan Ritchson) be on team kill, only because he seemed so passionate about it but once Jason calls, we aren’t sure what will happen they come face to face.

For most of the Titans, they still Jason as family, he has just lost his way or someone has done something to make him like this.


There are a lot of questions of what has happened to Jason and what he was making in his little lab, that was found in the first episode.

He mentions in this episode that someone is controlling him.

Could another force be controlling him or is something to do with the fact he was brought back to life with that strange drug in his body which is causing this side effect.

I like watching Jason, he is a very complicated character and portrayed perfectly by Curren Walters.

I really liked in this episode how easily Walters can flip between the dark and manipulative Red Hood and then at other times he appears to be just scared Jason who needs help.



Credit: HBO Max

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Now for fans of Titans, you may have known that Alan Ritchson wouldn’t appear much in this season, so the actor could film Jack Reacher.

Most of us assumed, he would be temporarily written out so he could focus on that but I wasn’t ready for what the writers did instead.

This episode really shocked me, watching Hank walk in with a bomb attached to his heart, counting down with every heartbeat, I wasn’t ready for something so drastic to appear.

However, it really shows this season has stepped up a gear and are doing things that we don’t expect.

It also shows how dark Red Hood is.

Hank and Dawn (Minka Kelly) were trying to repair their relationship, which was lovely to watch but it’s a shame they waited too late to do it.

Both Kelly and Ritchson put on great emotional performances in this episode as they both were saying goodbye to one another but neither really wanted to say it.

Dawn was prepared to literally do anything to keep Hank in her life, going to extreme lengths, which even Dick (Brenton Thwaites) had to stop her from doing.


A moment that really surprised me, but then I should have seen coming, because Red Hood is smart and devious.

Putting the detonator into the gun Dawn used to shoot Red Hood with was shocking. Especially because Superboy was on his way and those couple of seconds if she hadn’t pulled the trigger could have changed everything.

It was a genius play by Red Hood and shows how clever the plot and story are this season.

With that being said Kelly’s performance after, when she released what she had done, was amazing.

In those few seconds we felt her heartbreak and now I wonder what she will be like, obviously she will be grieving but how will her character change.

However, knowing it is her fault, that is something that she will have to overcome and deal with for the rest of her life.

Everyone was trying their best to save Hank’s life and his life literally went down to the wire.

It was nice seeing Superboy (Joshua Orpin) really starting to come into his own.

He still underestimates his powers, so I hope he gets more time to really see what he can achieve.

Gar (Ryan Potter) was also affected by Hank’s situation and their last chat together, felt really honest and quite sad.



Credit: HBO Max

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Everyone in the Titans all had different ideas on how to handle Hank’s situation but was really emotional was seeing all their reactions at the end of the episode.

Saying goodbye to Hank was emotional and wasn’t expecting to really say goodbye to him so soon.

Although it really shows what life is like to be a superhero, it is a dangerous life.

This episode was full of tension, right down to the last second.

This is truly Hank’s episode; we see what effect he had on the Titans and he is going to be missed on the show.

I didn’t expect to say goodbye to Hawk and I’m sad we couldn’t spend just a bit more time with this character before he left.

With that being said there were some great performances in this episode, which I hope continues and I am really excited to see how the Titans react to Hank’s death.


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