MCU Thunderbolts Movie Removes Hannah John-Kamen As Ghost

MCU Thunderbolts Movie Removes Hannah John-Kamen As Ghost

Marvel Studios relieves Hannah John-Kamen of the role of Ghost in the upcoming Phase 5 movie Thunderbolts. Just a few months ago, Marvel introduced John-Kamen in D23 as Ghost but, as Giant Freakin Robot posts, things seem to have changed.

That change, however, is not clear as crystal. The news has yet to receive a confirmation from Marvel; thus, there could be more about it or none at all.

Since the production has yet to reveal some information about the plot or premise or which comic book will be the basis, anything is possible. Marvel Comics’ Thunderbolts have a changing lineup of team members depending on the run one is looking at.

In the comics, Thunderbolts has not just different members but also different leaders. Marvel has published issues where the antihero group had a leader from Baron Helmut Zemo to Norman Osborn to even Hawkeye, aside from Thaddeus Ross, among other characters.

Thunderbolts Might Not Just Drop Hannah John-Kamen, But The Character Ghost Itself

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What is common throughout the group’s composition is that the members are ex-supervillains. Thus, people have the understandable notion that this movie is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Suicide Squad.

In the last D23, Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige confirmed Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova/Black Widow II) even in her absence. Together with that is the confirmation of Wyatt Russell’s return as John Walker/US Agent, David Harbour as Red Guardian, Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier and yes, Hannah John-Kamen as Ava/Ghost.

They are the group that Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has been forming throughout the movie Black Widow and the Disney Plus series The Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

This iteration of the antihero group will have Thaddeus Ross as their boss, a role that Harrison Ford takes over after William Hurt.

However, given the current information, there is also the chance that it isn’t just letting John-Kamen go as Ghost for the movie. It may also be because it turns out, they have no need for the character in the story altogether.

As stories and circumstances develop while the production dates are drawing near, certain situations can affect the availability of actors or even the story concept itself.

There is also a possibility that Marvel Studios has other plans for her and/or her character in their universe. Still, if they are truly letting her go and/or the character ghost with her, it still stands that no one has quite an idea of what the movie will be about.

But since it roughly arrived in theatres after the Secret Invasion, there are those who believe that story elements will likely be inspired by comics during the Dark Reign back in 2008 to 2009.

Thunderbolts Plot Might Not Need Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Meanwhile, Hannah John-Kamen still has Ava Starr/Ghost in her upcoming projects list on her IMDb. The list also indicates that the movie is currently in pre-production.

Without the official announcement from Marvel, her involvement in the project still technically stands. Other titles coming up for her acting credits include Unwelcome and The Climb.

Unwelcome is a folk horror movie directed by Jon Wright coming this month in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Whereas, The Climb is a thriller and heist film about six women daring to climb London’s Shard.

MCU’s Thunderbolts will be under the direction of Jake Schreier with writer Eric Pearson based on the characters Kurt Busiek created. At present, the release date is on target for July 2024 for France, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

Do you think Hannah John-Kamen would no longer be included in the movie as Ghost? Are they keeping Ghost in the storyline?

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