When Will The New Mutants Be Released On Disney Plus?

Bog Iger’s recent comments about bringing more big budget movies to Disney Plus suggests they might release The New Mutants on the platform some time soon.

Just in case you didn’t read what he said, the outgoing CEO of Disney told Barrons during a recent interview: “There are some [movies] we’ve decided to put on Disney Plus”.

This was him teasing that there are going to be some big budget movies coming to the new streaming platform over the coming weeks.

This means that the likes of Mulan and The New Mutants could be coming to the streaming platform.

However, the fact that Disney has already announced a new release date for Mulan means that movie might not come to Disney Plus for a while.

That said, Disney’s been very quiet about The New Mutants.

Why hasn’t Disney released The New Mutants on Disney Plus?


The New Mutants has been delayed so many time – Credit: Disney

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So, this means that they could be thinking of bringing the former Fox movie to their streaming service.

This would make total sense if they do.

The movie’s been delayed so many times already that I’m really surprised that they haven’t released the movie already.

The Josh Boone film’s been on the verge come being released for ages now.

There are plenty of fans who just want to see the film.

Incidentally, the film’s running time’s already been revealed, and it’s not very long at all.

According to ComicBook.com, the movie’s only 94 minutes long, making it the shortest X-Men movie ever made.

This is fine by me. A movie shouldn’t be much longer than 80 minutes in my mind.

94 sounds like a good length for a film like The New Mutants.

Will Disney ever release The New Mutants on Disney Plus?

The New Mutants Coronavirus Disney Plus

Should The New Mutants be made available on Disney Plus? – Credit: Disney

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With all of this in mind, I think that one of the “big budget films” Iger was talking about is The New Mutants.

I really can’t see this movie ever getting a cinema release now.

Disney’s release schedule is just too packed.

I think they’d end up saving a lot on marketing if they just release it online as opposed to in cinemas.

I also think the movie’s been in limbo for too long and deserves to be seen.

It would also give Disney a lot of good faith if they release a movie of this kind on their streaming platform whilst so many people are in lockdown.

Imagine how happy you’d be to get to watch The New Mutants on Disney Plus from the comfort of your own home?

It would be great, even if the movie ends up being a bit ‘meh’.

That said, something tells me it won’t be bad. I think it might end up being pretty good, especially if they release Boone’s initial cut.

When could it come to the streaming platform?


The New Mutants might never see the light of day – Credit: Disney

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It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Disney is planning on releasing The New Mutants on Disney Plus around May 1st.

That’s my guess at the moment. I think it would be the best thing to do for both the movie and Disney as a whole.

Hopefully I’m right and Disney will release The New Mutants on Disney Plus.

It would be just like what they’re doing with Artemis Fowl and it makes sense.

What do you make of this article?

Would you like Disney to bring The New Mutants to Disney Plus during this Coronavirus pandemic?

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