How Streaming Services And Online Casinos Have Changed The Fate Of The Entertainment Industry

The way we entertain ourselves is always evolving – and is constantly being powered by an ever-changing digital landscape. The advent of streaming services and online casinos during the last 10 to 12 years has changed viewing and playing habits and made physical media all but obsolete.

Netflix now has more than 167 million subscribers worldwide, while Amazon and Apple have also both entered the streaming sector, while the online casino industry continues to experience a massive growth in worldwide revenue every year.

But the latest big name to chase a slice of the pie is Disney, whose new Disney Plus service has been launched globally this year.

The launch of Disney Plus could hammer another nail in the coffin of DVD and Blu-ray sales, while satellite and cable platforms like Sky, BT, and Virgin are also increasingly being forced to adapt as consumers turn to On-Demand ahead of traditional scheduled programming.

But streaming services like those mentioned above tell only a part of the story of how the internet has revolutionised entertainment.

Special Offers for Casino Players and Streaming Enthusiasts

Is Netflix in danger because of Disney Plus Streaming

Is Netflix in danger because of Disney Plus? – Credit: Netflix

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Gaming is now no longer a pursuit reserved for back bedrooms – it is now an industry worth an estimated $150bn.

While another sector that has capitalised on the internet’s growing role in our day to day lives, is gambling.

The games that were once typically played by the wealthy in decadent casinos around the world, are today in touching distance of anybody with a smartphone.

The gambling sector has succeeded in engaging with a new generation of players, much the same way as Disney Plus has been able to connect with customers following its launch.

Disney heavily advertised some great value offers for its arrival, helping viewers save money on the usual monthly subscription cost.

Gaming is equally adept, and many of the world’s highest-grossing games, such as comic shooter Fortnite, are free to play, with the majority of revenue being generated through in-game purchases made by players.

It’s the same for online casinos, where leading brands introduce special offers to new and existing players to help them on their journey.

They may be traditional casino players eager to try their hobby online, or already playing online but open to playing with a different brand.

Whether it’s free spins on a slots game or the best bingo offers from Paddy Power, for example, there are plenty of opportunities for players to feel engaged, without having to make a big deposit.

Pressed for time?


Disney Plus has arrived in the UK – Credit: Disney

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Another valuable commodity for consumers, today more than ever, is time.

For example, many players now seek ways to be entertained for a shorter period, such as while on their way to work or just taking a break at home.

The traditional experience of watching a film requires a decent investment of time, but streaming services offer viewers the chance to pause their favourite flick and pick it back up from another device whenever they feel like it.

It’s also a factor in focus for casino titles, where much of the industry investment has been in delivering quickfire experiences on a smartphone.

Enhanced graphics and powerful tech have helped create more immersive experiences, but it is in fact casual play that is driving much of the growth in the sector.

Gaming has also experienced this transition following the introduction of the smartphone, with so-called casual games continuing to dominate the app download charts on iPhone and Android.

So, whether it’s through special offers, optimised games or smartphone-friendly casino experiences, the internet has helped transform the way we entertain ourselves in our day-to-day lives.

And in streaming, gaming, and gambling, the experience has been crafted to suit the habits of the modern consumer.

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