Will Disney Release The New Mutants On Disney Plus?

Disney has postponed the release of The New Mutants because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but wouldn’t they be better off just putting it on Disney Plus?

The movie studio has already delayed the release date of many of its upcoming movies.

They’ve postponed the release of the likes of Mulan, Antlers, Black Widow and The New Mutants.

However, with most people around the globe being forced to stay at home, people are starting to wonder (well, I am) whether Disney should put some of these movies on Disney Plus.

There are a lot of reasons why they should do this.

First off, with the imminent release of Disney Plus in Europe (March 24th), having some new movies on there would be a great extra reason to subscribe.

It might drive numbers up if say, people knew they would watch The New Mutants (finally) on launch day.

The New Mutants has been delayed so many times over the past few years, the I really think Disney should just put it on Disney Plus.

The New Mutants should be released on Disney Plus

The New Mutants Coronavirus Disney Plus

Should The New Mutants be made available on Disney Plus? – Credit: Disney

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The film and its director, Josh Boone, went through a bit of a nightmare trying to get this film seen by people.

They were delayed by 20th Century Fox because they thought it was “too scary” for audiences.

They then went and ordered reshoots, and then Disney’s whole takeover of Fox happened.

The movie had already been delayed multiple times by that point and it looked like Disney was just going to bury the movie.

However, we then learnt kind of out of the blue that Disney was going to release the movie on April 10th, 2020.

Yet, then Coronavirus struck. Seriously, The New Mutants just can’t catch a break.

It really is starting to look like the universe just doesn’t want this film to be released.

I don’t expect Disney to put the likes of Black Widow and Mulan on their streaming service.

However, I was surprised when I heard they were going to do a theatrical run of The New Mutants.

It seems like the universe doesn’t want The New Mutants to be released


The New Mutants might never see the light of day – Credit: Disney

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I honestly thought that if they were going to release it at all, it would be via Disney Plus.

I think that now’s their chance. Release it on Disney Plus and then more people will be inclined to watch the movie.

I think they’ll see that a lot more people will watch a film like The New Mutants from the comfort of their own homes than in a cinema.

Josh Boone might actually rather see the movie be released on a streaming platform?

I don’t know that for a fact. I’m merely making an assumption.

He might, like many other filmmakers, rather see him film have a cinema release than be released straight onto a streaming platform.

People would like to watch a film like The New Mutants

the New Mutants New Trailer Marvel

Maisie Williams in The New Mutants – Credit: Disney

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That said, during this time of uncertainly, worry, and what’s turning into widespread panic, it might be a good thing to have a movie like The New Mutants to watch.

It would help us to forget about the outside world for a few minutes and horror movies are always good to watch at home.

I think it would be a really smart move on Disney’s behalf to release The New Mutants on their streaming platform.

Whether they decide to do it or not is another story.

What do you think? Would you like to see Disney release The New Mutants on Disney Plus?

Let us know in the comments below.

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