When Will The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2 Be Released?


What’s going on with The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2…? There’s a new show on Netflix called The Law According to Lidia Poet, and it’s been taking the streaming platform by storm. I’ve recently just finished watching the first season, and I think this new series is a real treat.

The show is an Italian language series, but please, don’t let that put you off. It really is one of the best shows I’ve seen on Netflix in a while. Here’s the show’s official plot synopsis:

Turin, late 1800s. A ruling by the Turin Court of Appeals declares Lidia Poët’s admission to the bar association unlawful, thus preventing her from practicing law simply because she is a woman. Penniless but full of pride, Lidia secures a job at her brother Enrico’s law firm while she prepares an appeal to overturn the court ruling.

In an approach that’s ahead of its time, Lidia assists criminal suspects by searching for the truth behind outward appearances and preconceptions. Lidia’s brother-in-law, Jacopo, a mysterious journalist, passes her information and introduces her to the hidden worlds that lurk beneath a flamboyant Turin. The series is a light procedural drama, reinterpreting the true story of Lidia Poët, Italy’s first female lawyer.

Is The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2 happening


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So, as of yet, The Law According To Lidia Poet hasn’t been renewed by Netflix for a second season. We have reached out to the show’s PR team to try and get an answer as to whether a second season is in the works or not. However, they have not replied to our many emails.

That said, I do expect the second season to be renewed. Why, you ask? Because the show ended up performing pretty well, especially for an Italian-language series. Also, the show is set and filmed in Turin, and I think that the city of Turin offers a lot of funding for the series.

It’s a show that isn’t reliant on Netflix, per se. However, it will be up to the streamer whether the second season gets greenlit or not. The show ended up in Netflix’s Top Tem lists worldwide, which is an impressive feat for a series that doesn’t have a huge name attached to it and isn’t in the English language.

So, as far as Lidia Poet Season 2’s concerned, I would say, watch this space!

When will the second season be released?


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As for a release date for Season 2, that’s not very easy to predict because it all depends on when it goes into production. That said, I would expect the show to be released on the streaming platform sooner rather than later.

My best guess as far as a release date is concerned would be mid-2024. However, don’t be surprised should the second season land on Netflix even sooner than that.

The bottom line is I don’t expect to be waiting years for the second season of The Law According To Lidia Poet.

Who will star in The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2?


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Each episode in the six-part series follows Lidia Poet, Italy’s first female lawyer disbarred by the bar association. Since the court cannot fathom bizarre “female fashion” in their sacrosanct halls, she stays out of, and instead, helps her brother, Enrico, to take up cases and fight for innocent victims. In the background, her unresolved personal issues warrant your attention.

She is in between lovers – Andrea and Jacopo – but leans towards the latter. She also struggles with the memory of her father, which arouses angst, regret, and a sense of longing within her. The plot is more or less central to Lidia Poet’s extraordinary crime-solving abilities, although the narrative also benefits from worthy subplots.

It’s a great show and features an amazing cast. The show stars the terrific Matilda De Angelis as Lidia Poet. She’s joined by Eduardo Scarpetta as Jacopo Barberis and Pier Luigi Pasino as Enrico Poet. They are the three main stars of the first season, and I would expect them all to return for Season 2.

The Law According to Lidia Poët cast also includes:

  • Sinéad Thornhill as Marianna Poët
  • Sara Lazzaro as Teresa Barberis
  • Dario Aita as Andrea
  • Marit Nissen as Vera Cressphal
  • Francesco Patanè as Pietro Baiocchi
  • Matilde Vigna as Anita Tosetti
  • Sara Borsarelli as Tenutaria del bordello
  • Francesca De Martini as Matilde Muraro
  • Denis Fasolo as Massimino Chiaia
  • Ulisse Provolo as Agostino Cervi
  • Nicolo Pasetti as Louis
  • Mia McGovern Zaini as Young Lidia Poët

You can stream all episodes of The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 1 on Netflix right now.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching The Law According To Lidia Poet Season 2 on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Karen Guss

    I have enjoyed the first season and look forward to a second season. I especially like the costumes and interior details. The production is quite lovely and Lydia Poet is a very engaging character.

  2. Sandy Clark

    The law according to Lidia Poet was remarkable. It was truly a gem and I would love to see a season 2! “One for the fans!”

  3. Sherial Wintin

    I love period shows especially real life. I’m looking forward to seeing the next season. Great performance by the actors .Can’t Wait !!

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