The Flash Is Testing Better Than Any Of The DCEU Movies


It’s being reported that the upcoming Flash movie is actually testing better with test audiences than any of the DCEU movies ever did. This report comes from a supposed insider who goes by the name of ViewerAnon on Twitter.

The interesting thing about this report is that it lines up with what Warner Bros Discovery CEO, David Zaslav said about the movie during the Q2 Earnings Call a few weeks back. Zaslav revealed during the call that The Flash has been screening very well and that he’s seen a cut of the movie and thought it was brilliant.

So, according to ViewerAnnon, The Flash movie got “the highest” test scores of any of the previous DCEU movies. The insider then went on to report that the movie has“generated a huge buzz during testing” and these test audiences loved the movie.

This is all despite the fact that the movie’s lead actor, Ezra Miller, has been tied up in so many controversies of late, and some of these controversies are pretty bad. There’s been reports of abuse, grooming and theft.

There have been so many instances over the past few months involving Miller that people have been thinking that Warner Bros might be forced to cancel the movie. It sounds as though that would a shame if they do opt to cancel the movie since by all accounts, the movie is definitely worth watching.

Test audiences are loving The Flash movie’s early screenings


Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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Here’s what ViewerAnnon had to say about The Flash movie’s recent test screenings:

By burying one of their most crowd-pleasing movies that audiences have responded to? I’ve heard its numbers are the highest for any DCEU movie.

The Flash movie is going to star the likes of Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton (both back as their respective versions of Batman) and Michael Shannon (back as Zod). The movie took years to start filming, and it seemed like it was never going to happen.

It almost felt like the movie was cursed, but they finally managed to get the movie up and running (sorry for the pun). Then there was all this Ezra Miller stuff, and it seemed as though the movie’s curse had struck again!

The Flash movie was going to introduce the DC Universe to the Multiverse


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The film is being directed by Andy Muschietti, and he was working off a script by Christina Hodson. It was reported that the movie’s plot was going to be an adaptation of the Flashpoint comic book.

It’s reportedly going to feature multiple versions of the Flash (all played by Ezra Miller) and was going to see Michael Keaton’s Batman return, as well as Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight. It was also revealed that Michael Shannon would be returning as Zod, even though he was killed by Henry Cavill’s Superman in Man Of Steel.

All of this would be made possible through the Multiverse, which is going to feature heavily in this movie. It sounds as though Barry is going to end up running so fast that he’ll go through the Speedforce and enter the Multiverse. Sounds like a very cool and complex plot to me.

Warner Bros considering three options for The Flash movie


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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However, it really does seem as though Warner Bros did contemplate not releasing The Flash movie. It was revealed in The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros was looking at three options for the movie.

Option one

The first option (which is the best case scenario), is to have Miller seek professional help. Miller would have to give an interview explaining their behaviour. They would then do a limited amount of press following the film’s release.

It does seem as though this is the option that Warner Bros is going to take given the fact that Miller has just apologised for their actions and revealed that they are seeking professional help.

Option two

The second option would see Warner Bros Discovery still choose to release the film. However, Miller would not be a key figure in the marketing. Following the film’s release, Miller would not play The Flash in any future projects. This means that Warner Bros would be recast going forward.

However, no matter what happens, I still think that Warner Bros will recast The Flash moving forward given all the issues Miller has put them through.

Option three

Finally, the third option is apparently the worst-case scenario. This is the option in which Warner Bros is forced to “scrap the movie completely”. This would reportedly occur if Ezra Miller’s controversies and legal issues get even worse.

As for writing this article, The Flash is scheduled for a June 23rd, 2023 release date. Let’s hope that the movie does end up being released in cinemas on that date.

What do you make of this report? Are you looking forward to watching The Flash movie when it’s finally released in cinemas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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